March 26, 2021

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Indonesia is famous for its various islands, one of which is Bali. Bali has many tourist destinations. Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, including rainy and hot weather. So it’s not wrong if Bali is famous abroad for its nature and amazing views from the beach – nature – even traditions

Who would have thought that mosquitoes could still be everywhere and be a threat to all of us. Based on our experience, as a Fogging Services Kuta, Kuta is one of the places that has a high mosquito population.

Mosquitoes have various types as well as other animals. But what you should know is, there are types of mosquitoes that are dangerous to death for humans.

Unexpectedly, such a small animal can have a detrimental effect on us as humans. So we must be vigilant to minimize unwanted things.

We, as a Fogging Services Kuta, would like to provide information for you, namely the types of mosquitoes that are dangerous to death for humans.

This information is expected to increase knowledge and be more careful with mosquitoes.

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Types of Mosquitoes That Are Dangerous

Anopheles mosquito

The Anopheles mosquito is a dangerous type of mosquito that transmits the plasmodium parasite that causes malaria. These mosquito-borne parasites multiply in the liver and then infect and destroy red blood cells. This type of mosquito likes humid areas, such as swamps and is also found in plantations and rice fields. But strangely, this type of mosquito likes clean places.

Culex mosquito

The Culex mosquito is dangerous and can cause elephantiasis. The bite can spread filarial parasites that can clog lymph vessels and end in swelling. Although elephantiasis is not deadly, if you experience it, it will greatly interfere with your activities.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the most popular mosquito that can cause deadly diseases. This dangerous type of mosquito spreads the dengue virus and is very active during the day. The Aedes mosquito also causes zika disease which is not lethal, but if it has infected pregnant women it can cause fetal deformities.

As a Fogging Services Kuta, the information we get for the symptoms of Zika’s disease is more or less the same as dengue fever, such as headaches, high fever and bone pain.

Seeing our experience as a Fogging Services Kuta, the growth of mosquitoes can be so fast that it is quite difficult to handle alone. We are here as your solution if you want to save your time in dealing with high mosquito populations.

We do not only provide Fogging Services Kuta, but there are some special treatments that can be done to solve the problem of mosquitoes in your environment. We have a special method that is very unique and original and solves the problem of mosquitoes completely.

Do you want your loved ones to suffer from mosquito-borne diseases? Prevent From Now!

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