June 1, 2022

Fogging Mosquito Kuta – Mosquitoes are pests that are very disturbing in the community. Mosquitoes are said to be annoying because they can transmit diseases and also cause irritation to the skin by their bites. This negative impact of mosquitoes must be prevented quickly so as not to cause harm. As a mosquito fogging service in Kebayoran Lama, we will explain how to get rid of mosquito larvae to the roots.

Why Mosquito Larvae Must Be Exterminated

Larvae are larvae of mosquitoes that generally live in water or puddles. Larvae are targeted in mosquito management because larvae are one of the main causes of disease transmission in mosquitoes.

The mosquito that has a big role in disease transmission is the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes come from mosquito larvae with the characteristics of being shaped like a large tube, some are in the form of a comb and the last one is generally white. Mosquito larvae are also very happy if they live in an area that is not too cloudy.

The conclusion from what has been discussed, mosquito larvae is the beginning of mosquitoes can grow. A large population of mosquitoes, starting from a lot of mosquito larvae. This causes mosquito larvae to need to be exterminated to prevent mosquitoes from breeding into adult mosquitoes that are ready to transmit diseases to humans.

Solution to get rid of mosquito larvae to the roots

1. Using fish as larvae

Fish ponds can be one of the potential mosquito larvae nesting. Fish that can help to minimize mosquito larvae can use betta fish, guppies and molly fish. Using this fish will be able to help prevent mosquito larvae from nesting in your fish pond

2.Using Cinnamon Oil

A simple way that we can do to eradicate mosquito larvae is to use cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil can be dripped on the surface of stagnant water to minimize mosquito larvae in the puddle.

3. Use the Best Pesticides

When natural methods are difficult to use, another way is to use special pesticides for mosquito larvae such as abate. This method can be done if the mosquito population is already large. The use of pesticides can be done by sprinkling pesticides or by spraying pesticides in areas that are felt to have the potential to become nesting places for mosquito larvae.

Fogging Mosquito Kuta

Umas pest control as a fogging service in bali especially kuta provide to help for protect your environtment from mosquitoes. We have 10 years experience for handle pest control problem, such as mosquitoes, roach,rodent,flies, termites, etc.  We also have a branch office at Jakarta and Surabaya. Our technician already have a sertficate pest control. Protect your environtment now before you get a disadvantage of mosquitoes.

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