October 19, 2020

Mosquitoes are one of the animals that are always present in the midst of human life almost every day. No matter in luxury housing, or on the edge of rice fields, mosquitoes can be present anytime. What is troublesome, unlike other pests / pests that mostly appear due to dirty environment, one type of mosquito is actually present in clean standing water. The specialist mosquito that lives and thrives in clean water is one of the dangerous mosquitoes that carry a deadly disease, namely the Aides Aigepty mosquito.

Preventing or stopping the aides aigepty mosquitoes is not enough by sprinkling abate powder, or cleaning clean water jars / reservoirs regularly, but FOGGING is also needed for thorough eradication.


Fogging is one of the prevention activities for DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) by spraying insecticides in the environment around DHF cases which aim to break the chain of DHF transmission.

Fogging can be divided into 2, namely:
1. Fogging Focus: is the eradication of dengue mosquitoes by means of fumigation focused on the area where the suspect / dengue sufferer is found.
2. Mass Fogging: Is a fumigation activity simultaneously and comprehensively when DHF occurs in certain areas / areas. For example, in a housing complex in Surabaya, there are many dengue fever sufferers, then the best way is fogging one housing. In Bali too, many banjars hold mass fogging to avoid dengue fever, especially when the rainy season starts.


So far there has been no dangerous incident from the impact of the implementation of fogging, but before carrying out fogging activities, it is better if we first understand the procedures and use of fogging materials that are safe for humans and the surrounding environment.

Some things that need to be considered in fogging include:

  • Concentration of fogging material The
    concentration of the material used must refer to a trusted label and brand.
  • Wind direction and speed
    In doing fogging, the wind direction must be considered. Speed ​​will affect smoking outdoors. For outdoor space spray ranges from 1-4 / second or about 3.6-15 km / hour. Wind is needed to bring smoke into the crevices of the building, but if it is too strong, the smoke will quickly disappear into the wind.
  • Time of fogging execution
    Time of fogging must be adjusted to the peak activity of Aides aigypty mosquitoes which are actively looking for prey in the morning around 07.00-10.00, and in the afternoon around 14.00-17.00.


According to the expert, community participation in maintaining mutual cleanliness is crucial, one of which is by complying with and implementing the 3M program. The 3M program needs to be carried out in a sustainable manner, especially when the rainy season arrives. The 3M program includes:

  1. Draining
    Draining is carried out with the intention of cleaning places that are often used as water reservoirs, such as bathtubs, water buckets, drinking water reservoirs, and so on.
  2. Closing
    Tightly close water reservoirs such as jugs, drums, water toren, and the like to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  3. Burying.
    Burying or recycling used items that have the potential to become breeding grounds for dengue fever mosquitoes. Areas such as trash cans or stagnant water surfaces that are not realized are very potential breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. Moreover, mosquito larvae cannot be eradicated through the fogging method. Thus, maintaining the cleanliness of the area in the house and also around the house is the key to preventing the emergence of the mosquito population that causes dengue fever. However, if fogging is a method that is carried out, you should consider a few things so that it is truly optimal and not just spray.

The solution for those of you who don’t have time because you are busy working or taking care of a business that often takes time so you don’t have the spare time to clean / care for the surrounding environment to avoid mosquito nests is to use fogging services.

We “UMAS PEST CONTROL BALI” provide FREE initial consultation for those of you who are still confused, what to do with an environment that has become a mosquito nest or an indication of dengue fever mosquitoes.

We have 2 treatment methods that you can choose according to your individual needs.

  1. Fogging treatment: suitable method for outdoor inspections. With
    environmentally friendly materials , the smoke released is effective in killing mosquitoes in sewers and septic tanks.
  2. Mist blower treatment: This method is no less powerful for eradicating mosquito pests. Using a special tool, this method does not emit smoke like fogging treatment, but produces steam so that the detailed inspection results permeate every gap of furniture / building / fabric. This tool is an idol because it is proven to be 3x more effective than fogging.

If anything is unclear from the info above or you want to get a special service at a promo price, “UMAS PEST CONTROL” is ready to help you! Contact:

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