March 17, 2022

Mosquito Killer Bali – Dengue hemorrhagic fever or DHF is still often found in community settlements. The main case of disease transmission is caused by the special mosquito aedes aegypti, a mosquito that has a life cycle that can survive in rural or urban areas.

Where do female aedes aegypti often lay eggs?

Either in piles of garbage or puddles in the countryside. The eggs can also survive in a dry place for a long time, especially up to a year and hatch when submerged again in the air.

Therefore, it is necessary to try what is called fogging, the goal is to make the most of the mosquitoes that are infective quickly. In addition to breaking the chain of transmission, it also suppresses the number of mosquitoes so that the risk of dengue disease also decreases.

Fogging and smoking is one of the most effective ways to kill mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus that causes dengue fever to humans.

How many times fogging is carried out to be efficient?

This fogging will be more effective if it is tried twice a month during the treatment, one week after the initial fogging. The second fogging is tried to eradicate old mosquitoes which are still in the form of eggs or mosquito larvae at the time of early fumigation

Mosquito Killer Bali

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Mosquito Killer Bali
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