November 22, 2021

As a fogging bali we suggest that fogging or fumigation is one of the most efficient methods of killing mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus that causes dengue fever to humans. This fumigation can kill the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes nesting in the house. Even though it is efficient, fogging cannot be carried out haphazardly. Fogging must be tried and monitored properly so that the mosquitoes that are the target really die.

Fogging Bali

Standard Operation For Fogging Bali

1) Fogging is carried out by certified personnel

Fogging will be more efficient if done properly and by a professional person who has a certificate / license for pest control technicians. Must match the SOP, must explore the provisions. Unlike now, I’ve noticed a lot of mistakes in fogging, pest control ums suggest fogging should be tried by people who are experts in using machines and controlling the places that mosquitoes like to nest. I’ve often observed that fogging can be tried by anyone such as security guards . Meanwhile, you don’t have the expertise to do that, so you don’t fit the target, “said Winarsa (Umas Quality Control). For Winarsa, the right time for fogging is morning or evening. At these times, the Aedes mosquitoes are resting and the wind is not very strong.

2) Fumigation should not be done indoors

Fumigation must also reach all rooms in the house, especially to every corner of the room and a radius of 100 m from the settlement. Wet and dirty places such as hangers, the bottom of cupboards, and places where stagnant water should be given extra attention. When fogging, said Winarsa, make sure all family members, including children, are not in the house. Also make sure food and other items are covered so they are not exposed to smoke. “This is when fogging must be very careful and supervised,” said Winarsa.

3) Fogging is enough done for 2 times

This fogging will be more efficient if it is tried twice a month along with the treatment, one week after the initial fogging. The second fogging is tried to eradicate old mosquitoes which at the time of initial fumigation are still in the form of eggs or mosquito larvae

Why Should Use A Fogging Bali Service?

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Fogging Bali



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