December 6, 2021

Fogging Bali Price – In a dry season like this, we might be able to create the presence of insects around our homes, such as in the corners of the house, behind dirty clothes that have piled up or in sewer zones where water flows, one of which is a mosquito.


Fact of mosquito

Mosquitoes are small and slender insects, whose bodies consist of 3 separate parts, namely the head (caput), chest (thorax), and abdomen. In female mosquitoes, the antennae have short hairs and are known as pilose antennae. In male mosquitoes, the antennae have long hairs and are known as plumose antennae.

Fogging Work For Get Rid Of Mosquito

Mosquitoes have a pair of perfect wings, namely the front wings. The back wing grows smaller (rudimentary) as a dumbbell and acts as a balancing device. Mosquitoes breathe human blood and in their behavior can cause transmission of various diseases, including Malaria, Dengue Fever, chikunya, filariasis.

It could be that many of us think that mosquitoes will breed a lot during the rainy season, in fact during the rainy season mosquito breeding is actually very small and tends to be inhibited. Water cannot stagnate and rainwater will cause water to flow from places where rainwater usually stagnates, so that larvae or mosquitoes will also be swept away by the flowing rainwater before transforming into blood hunters.

On the other hand, during the dry season, puddles of water in dirty places, empty pots in the yard or humid places will become a haven for mosquitoes. Not only that, the mosquito life cycle also faces changes when the dry season comes.

Conclusion For Mosquito Problem

During the dry season, mosquito larvae only need about 6-9 days to turn into old mosquitoes. On the other hand, during the rainy season, mosquitoes need 12-14 days to become old mosquitoes. Now this cycle change also affects the shape and dimensions of the mosquito.

Until then, the health department or the government has intensified the 3M campaign (spend, close & bury) Spending means the activity of spending sterilizing/disposing of the contents of trash cans, water reservoirs such as jugs, bathtubs and places that are easy for mosquitoes to infest.

Closing is an activity to close tightly the jars or drums of water reservoirs one day very tightly. Burying is an activity to sterilize places that might be inundated with water and are designated places for mosquitoes to breed. And the last is regularly spraying mosquito repellent or fogging smoke to stop the breeding of larvae mosquito. If you want to know fogging bali price? just contact us

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