May 8, 2021

Fly control in Bali – Garbage flies are indeed a big problem in everyday life. Especially now that villages and some areas in Bali, especially in Badung, are aggressively fighting waste.

But unfortunately, waste management has not been optimal so far. The reason is that when the garbage is collected, most of the garbage is thrown away and catches fire.

In contrast to the integrated waste management site (TPST) in the village of Buduk Mengwi Badung. Currently the TPST uses garbage to cultivate maggot. The maggot can also be resold as animal feed material. Moreover, the remaining waste that is eaten by maggot can be an extraordinary organic fertilizer.

This is done by the people of Buduk Mengwi Badung Village, who are managing waste as maggot feed at TPST.

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Cultivating maggot by utilizing garbage is a collaboration with the TPST Desa Buduk with the Indonesian BSF Colony. For him, cultivating maggot energy using new waste and the first time it was found in Indonesia.

It could be that most of the TPST have not yet digested the waste optimally. Moreover, if the waste is processed, of course there will also be garbage thrown into the TPA. Not all of the waste is processed

The group said, by cultivating maggot in TPST, they wanted to make the waste a necessity. The reason is, there are several types of waste that can be used as maggot feed.

He also admits that developing or cultivating maggot energy is not difficult. Because maggot feed is obtained from organic waste which is currently a scourge for the area.

Maggot needs to be fed, incidentally the main food of the mangosteen has an organic character, be it waste from rotten food (wet), rotten meat fish (market waste), fruits, vegetables.

one cultivation area with dimensions of one square m maggot consumes 7 kilos of organic waste / day. So the organic waste is a necessity at Buduk TPST.

Usually the wet organic waste is thrown away, such as papaya skin, rotten mangoes and others. That’s what causes TPST to smell bad, but let’s use it as maggot feed

Where do mangosteen come from?

maggot comes from the BSF (Black soldier Fly) fly. BSF fly eggs that become maggots, BSF flies are obtained from old maggots or what is called Prepupa Maggot, which requires eating a lot while the flies don’t need to eat, their lifespan is also very short, around 7 days.

Life cycle of flies

Female flies will die after laying eggs, while male flies will die after mating.

Well, before becoming a fly, this maggot needs to eat. Maggots that are 15 days old can be harvested, for animal feed. Birds, chickens, catfish, fish and others. There are also flies so that the cycle continues. Make maggots, sincere or eggs, flies will hatch for 5 days.

How long is the cultivation of mangosteen?

5 days, after which it is transferred to the field of energy cultivation. After 10 days after that it can be harvested. During those 10 days the maggot requires a lot of food

It can be concluded that during his life the maggots ate garbage, after that the flies died and for 15 days they could be harvested and turned into animal feed. Such is bio-conversion, replacing what is of no value into something that is useful.

The man who lives in Tabanan Regency also said that nothing was wasted from the remaining maggot energy cultivation. The remaining maggot feed waste, continued Adi, is not just thrown away but can be used as a fertilizer called kasgot (residual maggot). The rest can be used for fertilizer. So nothing is wasted, aka total conversions.

Not only that, maggots or caterpillars that are raised are different from caterpillars that make itchy when they touch the skin.

The group admits that the cultivation of maggot is very attractive to residents. Moreover, there are some residents who want to buy maggot-maggot as animal feed. While we are still cultivating maggot, there has not been a sales process. Likewise at TPST, we are still trying to install equipment to digest other waste, such as plastic, leaf paper and others, “he said again.

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