16 Mar

Model :  2680/2600 (Smart ULV)

Areas of Application :

  • All products Electric ULV method can be applied for Ultra Low Volume (Ultra Low Volume (ULV) formulation with water or oil base
  • Electrical ULV Cold Fogger to be applied for the use of pesticides, deodorant, fungicide, disinfected, miticides, poultry vaccines, neutralizing odors, etc.
  • Coverage area includes hospitals (space sterilisaasi), schools, houses, apartments, resorts, greenhouses, food industry, warehouses, farms, veterinary clinics, stables, disease vector control, etc.

Product Description:

  1. Doplet product can be set on the size of ULV mist until Spray usual channels, faster penetration, can be condensed to a liquid chemical
  2. Produce 90% of droplets less than 15 microns
  3. Using chemical resistant polyethylene
  4. Sturdy design, easy to use and clean

Technical Specifications:

  • Electric Motors: 800 W 220 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Nozzle Foging: Four counter – rotation vortex nozzle
  • Particle Size: 5-20 micron VMD, adjustable
  • Chemicals: liquid oil-based and water
  • The rate of the fluid in ltr / hour: 0-24, can be customized
  • Tank capacity in liters: 6
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