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One of the big cities located at the eastern tip of Java Island is often a culinary destination for many people. Disinfectant In Surabaya Restaurant records that many Surabaya specialties are well-known throughout Indonesia, which makes many culinary tours that have long been established and are very legendary. If you want to have a vacation in Surabaya, don’t worry about choosing a place to stop to fill your stomach or just stop by and taste local specialties. The following are recommendations for places to eat in Surabaya which are very famous, and of course have a very delicious distinctive taste.

5 Restaurants selected from the Disinfectant In Surabaya Restaurant data list

Soto Lamongan Cak Har

Soto Lamongan Cak Har is a place to eat that should be visited while visiting the City of Heroes. The Soto Lamongan that is sold here is indeed famous for its authenticity, with a yellow and thick sauce that comes from the use of a lot of candlenut and turmeric. In a portion of the dish there are lots of shredded chicken, vermicelli, celery, and accompanied by hot rice. In addition, there are also other variants such as soto offal, skin soup, and you can also add eggs or gizzard liver, with selling prices starting from IDR 20,000.

Sinjay Fried Duck

Sinjay Fried Duck originates from the City of Bangkalan, Madura and is now scattered in several points in the city of Surabaya. One of the uniqueness of this dish is that it is served with a special chili sauce, namely sambal pencit made of grated young mango and chili sauce made from chilies and crushed shrimp paste. Visiting the City of Heroes is a pity if you miss this one food, because before it was available in Surabaya, people were willing to cross to Madura to enjoy this food. The price of Sinjay Fried Duck is relatively affordable at IDR 25,000 / portion.

Rawon Setan Surabaya

Rawon is indeed a typical food of East Java, and one of the exciting places to enjoy rawon in Surabaya is Rawon Setan. The name may sound quite spooky to the ear, the name appears because this rawon shop was open at 22:00 until early morning. The operating hours are considered to be the same as the time when the devil appeared. Despite the name, this rawon does have a delicacy that is worth a try. Moreover, the size of the meat used is large enough for a class cut and the texture is also soft. The price is in the range of IDR 20,000 / portion.

Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jaiz

Initially this food was initiated by Lim Sian Neo, a housewife of Chinese descent, who every day buys cingur from a blind seller because she feels sorry. Because over time the cingur was confused about what to make, as a result it was made into a salad known as rujak cingur. In addition to the gentle use of cashew nuts in the spices, this food is unique and different from the others and is sold at a price of IDR 70,000 / portion.

Ondomohen Klopo Satay

Sate Klopo Ondomohen is also a fairly legendary food typical of Surabaya because it has been around since 1945. As the name implies, this satay uses coconut or klopo ingredients in its manufacture. Using beef or chicken, and a mixture of grated coconut seasoning makes it taste delicious. And also added complementary such as serundeng and peanut and soy sauce, making it even more delicious. In addition, the texture of the meat is also thick and tender, which is perfect for a dining option in Surabaya at a price of IDR 25,000 / portion.

Earlier, there were 5 very famous foods in Surabaya that were known from the Disinfectant In Surabaya Restaurant, back again with the presence of Covid 19, many restaurants closed because of a pandemic like that, how do these restaurants not and the public will visit the restaurant, the answer is health protocol.

Now, many restaurants provide a hand sanitizer to wash your hands before entering the restaurant area, don’t forget to check the body temperature of everyone who enters the restaurant, and don’t forget to spray disinfectants. Why is that?

Because disinfectants are very important for restaurants because they can prevent the Covid 19 virus, making the room air fresher and more sterile.
Customers become more comfortable and dare to leave the house to enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant.

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