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21 Oct

East Java is the second highest case area after DKI Jakarta. It was quoted through obtained information from Bali government official corona virus division. The East Java Provincial Government reported if corona cases in East Java already reached 48,932 people. Surabaya is a region with the highest number of corona cases in East Java. Corona cases in Surabaya already reached 44 people. We are from Umas Pest Control as one of disinfectant services in Surabaya will provide a brief overview of disinfectants.

Disinfectant Function

One of way that is effective in preventing the spread of the corona virus is by spraying disinfectantsBut do you know what disinfectants do besides for prevent covid-19? and why can it be used to prevent the spread of the corona virus?

1. Sterilize medical equipment

2. Sterilize the floor surface

3. Sterilize clothes contaminated with bacteria

Seeing a function of disinfectant its deadly fungi, bacteria and viruses, disinfectants are considered effective in preventing the spread of the corona virus. What types of disinfectants are safe to use? We as a disinfectant service in Surabaya, use Ox-virin type disinfectants. Ox-virin type disinfectant is environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

Difficult to get Ox-virin type disinfectants?

Probably because the high interest for this type of disinfectant, it makes difficult for you to find that. We as a disinfectant service in Surabaya, are here for your solution if difficult to find an Ox-Virin type disinfectant.We not only sell products but also offer large and small scale disinfectant spraying services with equipment and according to health protocols. Protect yourself and family with us, disinfectant service in Surabaya.

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