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21 Oct

Covid-19 has attacked even millions of people in any countries, which one Indonesia. The last few days in October, one of the provinces that indicate a significant increase in Indonesia was Bali Province. This information was obtained from the updated data from Indonesia Government Official Corona Virus division. Quoting news from Bali government official corona virus division, if it was reported that the Covid-19 cases in Bali had reached 9,254 people. The positive number of Covid-19 cases in Bali is dominated by the city of Denpasar. Seeing that condition, maintaining health and implementing health protocols in times of a pandemic is important. We are Umas Pest Control, as a disinfectant Service in Denpasar, will provide some tips to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus:

Easy Tips to Prevent Covid-19

1. Use a mask

The masks to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 by the government are surgical masks and N95 masks. Surgical masks or surgical masks, are disposable masks that we usually find at the nearest pharmacy and mini market. N95 masks are masks that are used as PPE by medical team or by us as disinfectant service in Denpasar when spraying disinfectants in the field.

2. Maintain Body Resistance

The main key to preventing the Covid-19 virus is maintaining the immune system. A strong body is able to minimize the virus that enters our bodies. How do you keep your immune system strong and healthy?

1. Control your sleep time. Obviosuly don’t sleep late.

2. Multiply consumption vegetables and fruit

3. Exercise at home

4. Drink water (8 glass)

3. Wash your hands regularly

Wash your hand before and after eating, after playing with animals, after taking out the trash, after using the toilet, after coughing and sneezing. The important thing is make sure you use soap when washing your hands. This method is effective for preventing the virus from entering our bodies.

4. Keeping a Distance from Other People

We cannot detect whether our colleagues have Covid-19 because lately there are many OTG (people without symptoms) around us.

5. Make sure you enviroment clean around you and spraying disinfectants regularly

A clean lifestyle will minimize bacteria and viruses that enter our bodies. Likewise with disinfectants according to their function of killing, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants are still a way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We as a disinfectant service in Denpasar are here as your solution for large or small scale disinfectant spraying services with equipment according to health protocols. We also cover all other areas in Bali apart from Denpasar. The disinfectants we use are environmentally friendly and safe for living things. If you are interested, you can contact us Umas Pest Control.  Don’t worry we give free survey and consultation for you. Protect yourself and family from Covid-19 with us as disinfectant service in denpasar. We guarantee excelent service.

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