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Definitely about the amenities. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the hospitality, the swimming pool and all the facilities for the guests, the cafe and restaurant, and also things related to culinary are served in a unique and interesting way.

Talking about hotels, there are classifications that differentiate facilities from one hotel to another. According to the star and automatically all the amenities follow the star. The higher the star of a hotel, the more facilities it can offer.

From  Disinfektan Hotel Surabaya data. The hotel business is currently mushrooming, including in Surabaya. A city which is the second major city in Indonesia, and is a business destination. Lots of guests from out of town visit Surabaya for a business trip. And the hotel is one of the supporting factors for them.

Disinfektan Hotel Surabaya receives data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), in East Java there are about 3,397 hotels. While in Surabaya alone there are about 187 hotels.

Hotels have also become part of an urban lifestyle. Hotels today, are no longer just a place to stay because you have traveled a long way, or just a place to stop, just to unwind for travel distances that really need a break. But, it has also become part of a lifestyle or lifestyle. For example, a meeting place, or just meeting friends, community gatherings, reunions, weddings, birthdays etc.

In addition, in the Covid 19 era, we must also pay attention from the health aspect, how important is disinfectant for hotel business owners in Surabaya?

Without us knowing it, guests are more likely to choose the right place to take a break / make an event at the hotel with consideration of the cleanliness aspect, and sterilize the hotel by spraying disinfectant by routinely providing a hand sanitizer and checking the temperature of every guest who comes.

The Effect If We Don’t Spray Disinfectants Routinely?

The effect that will be caused is quite a lot, in terms of guests, they will see exactly which one provides facilities that are sterilized by spraying disinfectants or preparing handsainitizers.

Disinfectants can still prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus effectively when used appropriately, namely by spraying it on the surface of objects, not directly on the body.

You can use disinfectants to clean frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, cell phones, tables, TV remotes, or sink faucets that are often encountered in hotels.

Benefits Of Spraying Disinfectants In Hotels

Hotels are places where other people who don’t even know each other can meet even the facilities used in hotels tend to be used with others, such as lobby chairs, lifts, stairs, or hallways leading to rooms, it does not rule out the possibility that the Covid 19 virus can spread in the area by means of a touch in the section.

Because the virus is invisible to the eye, it is better if we continue to make preventive efforts by spraying disinfectants by the hotel regularly. This extra effort was made to reduce the risk of contracting Covid 19.

Based on the journal Disinfektan Hotel Surabaya, disinfection needs to be applied, especially in areas that are at risk, for example the hotel lobby, which often receives guests and leaves guests in and out. You should also pay attention to furniture or objects that are often touched in the hotel because the virus can spread from anywhere. Don’t forget to carry out safe disinfection steps based on the procedures or recommendations written on the product so that disinfectants provide optimal benefits in reducing transmission. With increasingly maintained cleanliness, guests can stay at the hotel safely and comfortably.

Our Disinfektan Hotel Surabaya provide the right solution for business people in the hotel sector to use our services at very affordable prices without reducing our performance / to our professionals.

We also provide free surveys and free education before prospective customers approve / carry out the treatment.
We also have Disinfectant Packages for Hotels that are affordable and can increase guest visits to hotels.

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