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Disinfectant In Surabaya Factory obtained data from the Census Results, it was recorded that the total number of companies was 957 industries in Surabaya. East Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Teguh Pramono, in his office, Surabaya, said that the results of data collection from the industrial sector could be a complete measure to measure the strength of the East Java economy outside the agricultural sector.

Apart from being known as the city of heroes, Surabaya is also known as an industrial city because there are many different types of industries, ranging from the electronics industry, the petrochemical industry, the cement industry, the textile industry to the home-scale food industry. Because there are many types of large industries in Surabaya, this city often supports the economy of the city which is the capital of East Java.

List of Disinfectant In Surabaya Factory There are 4 large companies in the city of Surabaya

  • PT Semen Gresik

    Is a large industry that processes and produces cement. PT. Semen Gresik is a subsidiary of PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. PT. Semen Gresik was founded in 2013 with the Government of Indonesia as the owner of this company.

  • PT Petrokimia

    is one of the fertilizer manufacturers in Indonesia. This PT was founded on July 10, 1972 which was originally known as the Surabaya Petrochemical Project (1962). This subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia has around 3,400 employees. Products produced by one of the major industries in Gresikini consist of two categories, namely fertilizers and non-fertilizers.

  • PT Maspion

    is one of the large household appliance manufacturers in Indonesia. PT, which has around 30,000 employees, produces various kinds of household appliances such as kitchen utensils, household appliances made of plastic, glassware, household electrical appliances, even PVC pipes for housing and household needs. This company has a fairly extensive distribution network both domestically and abroad. In fact, this PT is also a well-known supplier of household appliances in well-known wholesale and retail stores in America and other countries.

  • PT Nipsea Paint and Chemical (Nippon Paint)

    PT Nippon Paint is the 7th largest paint company in the world. PT Nipsea Paint and Chemical (Nippon Paint) is one of the major industries in Surabaya. PT Nipsea Paint and Chemical (Nippon Paint) Gresik is a subsidiary of paint product manufacturers in Japan. Currently, the number of employees in this company reaches 16,500 employees.

That is a bit from the data from Disinfectant In Surabaya Factory Industry in Surabaya, but in the Covid 19 era they are still open or closed, huh?

For now, most of the companies there are partly open as normal and there are also small industries that close or make the system only 15 working days.
Industry must also pay attention to safety to anticipate the Covid outbreak that can spread in their work environment.
in what way is suitable to prevent this virus, in addition to hand hygiene and body checking, the industry must also spray disinfectants more often in areas / places where there is frequent activity from outside the office, for example, such as office lobby, vehicle entry and exit goods, and employees at least check the temperature before entering must wash hands and use a hands-onitizer.

The positive impact that we get is the health of employees which will accelerate the work of the company, disinfectants are very important for industrial companies like this, because employees who meet the most frequently with clients and often enter the industry will be infected quickly if their immune system is weak.

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