April 23, 2021

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Detergent Using Disinfectant

Selling Bali Disinfectants – The corona virus pandemic has influenced our perspective on protecting family hygiene and health.

The Covid-19 virus makes us continue to promote a clean lifestyle while continuing to protect health protocols and protect nutritious soup for the body.

In order to help protect cleanliness and sterilize viruses, germs and bacteria from your clothes and cloth masks, washing them with detergent and the right method is something we can currently live on.

But unfortunately, ordinary detergents do not always want to guarantee that they can sterilize fabric fibers from germs and viruses, especially the deadly virus that causes inflammation of Covid-19.

Detergent must be equipped with a special disinfectant that can kill viruses, germs and bacteria to the deepest fabric fibers.

Responding to this need, we sell Bali Disinfectants to share data with you about detergents that can make clothes free from viruses because they have antiseptic properties.

What is the detergent brand?

Wingsgroup launched SoKlin Antisep, a detergent that has a disinfectant. Ditergent appears with the O2 Active Power technology which acts as a disinfectant, which efficiently kills viruses, germs, and bacteria on clothes without disturbing the color and fibers of the fabric.

This disinfectant was the first in Indonesia that was able to provide equal protection for family clothes in one wash step

You don’t need to soak clothes in disinfectant before washing them with detergent, washing is always instant, clothes always get double protection and of course always smell fresh.

As a complete detergent with disinfectant, you can wash your clothes and masks more efficiently. “Viruses and bacteria are at risk of staying close to us, so this momentum must be a turning point for us in practicing a more careful lifestyle. cleanliness, clothes are no exception.

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This innovative product is an instant solution that fits perfectly into protecting family clothes because its O2 Active Power technology not only disinfects clothes from all different spots, but also kills microorganisms that are at risk of triggering disease efficiently in just one wash step.

Now you just know that there is a detergent that can protect your clothes from viruses or bad germs and if you need a disinfectant for your room, we sell Bali Disinfectant ready to help you in sterilizing your office room – home – factory – industry from viruses or bad germs that exist. near us

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