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24 Oct

Denpasar City is the capital of the Bali province. Denpasar City is the center of government and economy in Bali. The city of Denpasar includes residential and office areas in Bali. Seeing the current situation, the rainy season has entered the Denpasar area. Apart from the corona virus, the people of Denpasar City must also be aware of dengue fever because it has entered the rainy season. Quoting from the information provided by the Denpasar city health office, DHF cases have reached almost 1000 in this year. So therefore it should be watched out for and prevented so as not to cause new cases other than the corona virus pandemic that broke out this year. Dengue fever prevention can be done by doing 3M movement and also balanced with fogging. As a Denpasar fogging service, we want to provide information for public how steps to prevent dengue with 3M, such as:

  1. Bury items that can become mosquito breeding grounds
  2. Close all areas where able for mosquitoes can breed
  3. Drain the bathup

Why is fogging important?

Fogging is a fumigation activity which generally uses insecticides to eradicate adult mosquitoes. Fogging is effective in getting rid of mosquitoes because it can reach corners that are difficult to reach. The insecticide in fumigation will kill the adult mosquitoes that have been exposed to the spray. The environment will be freer from mosquitoes which can pose a threat to us and our families. The benefit of mosquito fogging is to improve 3M activities in breaking the chain of mosquito breeding.

Standard Operating Procedure Fogging

Fogging activities must pay attention to the correct procedure so that the benefits are more effective. DHF is a disease caused by the Aedes mosquito. Fogging can help prevent dengue fever by eradicating the Aedes mosquitoes. Fumigation done with insect repellent or insecticides will be effective in killing mosquitoes, especially adult mosquitoes. This makes fogging a widely chosen alternative to prevent dengue fever. Especially for densely populated environments that have high risks. Following are the general procedures that we describe as a Denpasar fogging service:

  1. Pay Attention to the wind direction

Why pay attention to the wind direction? Spraying against the wind will hit the body of the sprayer, not the mosquitoes being targeted. As a result, the insecticide will be toxic to those who spray it. Spray that reads the direction of the wind has proven to be more effective because the wind will spread the insecticide spray over the entire area, within a certain radius.

  1. Pay attention to the dosage

The dosage of drugs and diesel fuel must comply with the operational standards recommended by the insecticide drug. If the insecticide is too little, then spraying will not give maximum results and only leaves the smell of kerosene which will disturb comfort.

  1. The Best Time For Fogging

Fogging would be better if done at the right time. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is active at around 08.00-11.00 and around 14.00-17.00. It is during this time that mosquitoes bite humans

  1. Radius 100 meters

Fogging should also be done within 100 meters around the residence of the DHF sufferer. This is because 100 meters is the optimal distance for dengue mosquitoes to move places.

Fogging activities must be carried out in accordance with procedures and by experts. We as Denpasar fogging service have handled hundreds of customers and are ready to help you when you need our services. The use of fogging medication to kill mosquitoes must be safe for the environment. We as a Denpasar fogging service follow procedures using materials that are safe for the environment and living things. Don’t hesitate to use us, because we already have a certificate and business license from government department of health, therefore it is safe and trusted. Protect yourself and your family from dengue fever with us. Umas Pest Control, Denpasar fogging service.

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