07 Dec
Dengue fever is a disease based on the environment caused changes in the weather. Exstrem weather changes due to global warming causes the density of the vector DB. This is compounded by the indifference of society towards the cleanliness of the environment that trigger the breeding of mosquitoes causing dengue fever.

Cynoff 50 EC is a mainstay insiktisida Production FMC Corp. specifically to control pest mosquito of dengue (dengue fever), chikungunya, and Culex sp, as an alternative of the previous products from the group Organophospat which is resistant against these mosquitoes. Although this product is actually a broad spectrum so that it could be to control other insects, such as ants and cockroaches.

Cynoff 50 EC contains active ingredient cypermethrin 50 g / l, belonged Sintetic Pyrethroids are environmentally friendly.


  • Target: Aedes and Culex sp sp.
  • Dose formulation: 150 ml / ha (10 Liter Solar
  • Concentration: 15-20 ml / liter (Fogging), 5-15 ml (Residual)
  • Applications: fogging and fumigation for indoor and outdoor.

*) Only used according to instructions

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