January 20, 2022

Cost of termite bali – Termites attack our homes to eat. So, the best method to avoid termite infestation is to reduce termite feeding. In other words, reduce the use of wood as a building structure, for example using a light steel structure instead of a wooden structure on the roof of a building. Using concrete or aluminum frames. If it is necessary to use wood, choose wood that is resistant to termites (durable class I and II wood).

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Unfortunately this type of wood is relatively expensive. The next option is to use wood that has gone through the preservation process. You can learn about wood preservation standards in Indonesia here.

In addition, you can eliminate the conditions favored by termites with the following methods:

Stay away from contact of wooden building structures with soil or plants, such as plants or wild plants. Rinse the remaining wood chips after construction. The remnants of these pieces of wood become the attraction for subterranean termites.

-Closing cracks in the chamber.
-Fixing broken ceramics or pipes
-Reduce humidity by installing adequate and good ventilation, because termites like moist and warm areas.
-Do not allow very long standing water.
-Carry out regular inspections of the condition of the house or furniture. Especially in areas that have a lot of humidity such as kitchens, toilets and AC exhaust pipes.

Cost Of Termite Bali

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