16 Mar

Concord 15 SC is a contact and stomach poison insecticide concentrates shaped milky white suspension to control pest infestation warehouse flour (Tribolium sp). Concord 15 SC active ingredient alfametrin 15 g / l using a special formulation that SC and very active warehouse control pests, do not result in a change of color and leaves no odor on stored commodities.

The advantage of using Concord 15 SC:
Helpless fast working and very active at the recommended dose. Leaves no odor and cause stains that can disrupt and damage the commodity. Having a good residual effect so as to provide long-term protection. Low toxicity level so it is not harmful to humans, domestic animals, and does not accumulate in the environment.

  • Dosing: 3 ml / 30 ml / m3
  • Application Method: Spraying on the surface of the sack
  • Concord 15SC Net Content: 5 Liter
  • Active Ingredients Concord 15SC: Alpha Cypermethrin (alfametrin) 15 g / l
  • Concord 15SC Registration Number: RI.0501011987770
  • Concord formulators 15SC: BASF Indonessia
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