21 Mar

CONANT is disinfectant ants and cockroaches. All types of ants and cockroaches happy for savory odors. CONANT can be put under the sink, in the warehouse, in the garden, in the garden, or in places that are often found ants and cockroaches. For those who have a nest Swiftlet recommended using CONANT to face the attacks of ants. CONANT give a satisfactory result for you and eradicate all the ants and cockroaches to complete up to 6 months.

Excellence CONANT:
1. Easy way to use it.
2. Efficient usage.
3. Fragrant and savory that attracts ants and cockroaches.
4. 3-4 days the poison began to work
5. Ants / cockroaches will disappear

How to use CONANT:
1. Pour CONANT at the top of the container to avoid spilling or washed away (Can be used “Cardboard Box Feed The Rat” which is also sold in Esther Store).
2. Put in place where there were lots of ants and cockroaches.
3. Ants and cockroaches will come and snatch CONANT.
4. CONANT brought to the nest, eaten by the queen and colony
5. Within 2-7 days all the ants and cockroaches that ate CONANT will die.

Net weight 20 grams
The active ingredient Boric Acid 1.75%

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