[About Umas]

We start with concern for the environment

PT. UMAS PESTISINDO PRATAMA established since 2007 in Pest Control Services. We started by helping to prevent and control pests as well as educating consumers on the potential health risks posed by the pests. We grow as professional company in the second year service, and today we are not only exist in Denpasar as the prior city, but also in Jimbaran, Ubud and also Surabaya.


Leader Of Pest Management Industry for Indonesia

Until now we have grown to become a trusted pest control service, leading the pest control market in Indonesia which has expanded widely throughout Bali and Java.

Our vision “to be a leader in the Pest Management Industry for Indonesia” is realized consistently by providing quality services and products through the excellence of our team members.

[Our Mision]

We Are Provide Best Quality Advice & Solutions.

We work very hard to gain our trust and clients through building relationships and providing appropriate and exceptional services in realizing the mission:

  • Protect and maintain health and property through professional professional pest control services for our government, commercial and residential clients.
  • Provide adequate education in conversation and distribution of pests to consumers
  • Realizing general and environmental welfare in Indonesia through the structural pest management profession.
  • Providing professional services (Safe, Quality, Timely, Friendly) so that it becomes a customer’s long-term solution.

[Our Core Values]

More Protection For Better Result

Umas Pest Control handles more than 250 clients per month and has more than eight years of experience in the pest control business and with full equipment, using an experienced manpower in the field of pest control, committed and provide the best service and give warranty for result.one of our advantages is we are ready to serve you 24 hours.

General Spraying

Spraying implemented in the whole room inside and outside the recommended and aimed to control pests such as ants, cockroaches, flying INSEC, and the like, using natural ingredients

Misting (Cold Fog)

Misting is the latest system of light fumigation for internal areas by using a contact system & effective in the eradication of flying insects, bedbugs & other pests in small gaps of your building

Mist Blower

Mist Blower held on outdoor area or garden, aimed at pest control mosquitoes, leafhoppers, ants, with the working system of attachment pesticides / organic on the stems and leaves of plants


Baiting system implemented by integrating various methods either in the form of organic and non-organic including the installation of gels, traps, glue trapping, bait & ultra sonic waves.

[In Bali & Jawa]

Professional Pest Control Service

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