21 Mar

Cockroach Optigard 0.1 RB is anti cockroach is a ready to use product, containing emamektin benzoate 0.1%, formulating gel that is packaged in a syringe-sized packs 30 grams. The active ingredient in Optigard Cockroach Cockroach Bait RB 0.1, stimulates the release of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the body of the insect, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter (neurotransmitter), causing paralysis and death.

Cockroaches are interested in the content of the feed that is so fond, that when eaten will deliver a dose of insecticidal from emamektin benzoate. Cockroach bait will go back to the nest where the active ingredient is brought would likely be passed on to other cockroaches, including nymphs who are not actively pacing foraging. Thus a larger amount than originally cockroach bait will be controlled.

Cockroach 0.1 Optigard excellence RB:
1. Broad-spectrum for controlling diverse species of cockroach, including: German cockroach, the cockroach repellent normal and descent bait, cockroaches and cockroach American Oriental.
2. Chemicals is not an insect repellent (non-repellent), has a unique way of working double with undocumented immunity (resistance) in the active material.
3. Characteristics of superior use: ready to use, easy to apply.
4. Feed remains attractive for cockroach even until at least 2 weeks after feeding.
5. Do not contaminate / stain the fields of bait and dripping on vertical feed.
6. Controlling cockroach secondarily through cockroach droppings (coprophagy) and dead cockroach (necrophagy) who have first take the bait.

How to use:
Squirt in the cracks and crevices where cockroaches nesting or foraging pacing and / or at the entrance to the building. Perform feeding 1-3 point (a point about 0.5 grams) of feed per spot.

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