April 27, 2021

Most powerful animal cockroach

Cockroach Control Services in Bali – If one day there is an extreme climate change on earth and the elimination of all humans and other animals, then cockroaches will most likely survive.

A research has also confirmed that cockroaches can live after being exposed to light radiation, as long as they can eat and drink.

Cockroaches are easy to find around our homes. Most of us, maybe think these insects are annoying because they are very disturbing aesthetics.

Cockroaches are also among the oldest and most well-adapted species to date

According to research cockroaches were alive, about 350 million years ago

The species of cockroaches were identified from the fossils found. They are a major group of insects whose fossils are mostly found in North America, Europe, and the Ural Mountains (now Russia and Kazakhstan). At that time also referred to as “The Age of Cockroaches”

According to research, cockroaches believe that they can survive in extreme temperatures or even hot temperatures, therefore cockroaches escape mass elimination, because they can survive at extreme temperatures.

Cockroach Control Services in Bali

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Cockroach Control Services in Bali

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