12 Apr
Cislin 25EC capable of controlling maggots, larvae and lice effectively Franky in Animal Husbandry, containing deltamethrin are able to protect in a long time.

Cislin 25EC is also a termiticide to control subterranean termites and dry wood termites in buildings and timber land.

Cislin 25EC has advantages:

  • Working with a dual action, knockdown and killing agent once.
  • Maximum protection, able to control insect pests that attack wood.
  • Produce flushing effect, in which insects lured out of hiding and eventually contaminated and die (active treatment).
  • Provides maximum results even with low doses.
  • Attached to the timber so as to provide a residual effect and is able to survive long enough in the timber.
  • By making appropriate treatment recommendations do not damage the color and texture of wood, the wood will remain intact beauty.
  • Flexible to use it, it can be used as a spray, dipping, mixture, and brush on the high effectiveness.
  • Safe and pungent.
  • Recommended by WHOPE (Pest Control)
Active Ingredients: Deltametrin25 g / l

Packaging: 100 ml and 1 lt

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