December 19, 2017

Reclaim Your Space With Insect and Pest Control

Check Your Home’s Foundation: Each quarter, thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior and foundation for cracks and holes. A hole just a quarter of an inch in diameter is often a large enough entry for rodents. If you do find holes or cracks, be sure to patch them sufficiently. Otherwise, you’re likely to need some rodent traps.

Examine Your Doors, Windows and Seals for Leaks: Damaged or missing sweeps under doors are one of the most popular entry points for rodents and other pests. To inspect yours, turn on the lights in a room or garage, and step outside to see if any light escapes. If the light gets through, critters can get through, too.

Inspect Entrances for Plumbing, Gas and Cable Lines: Areas where plumbing, gas and cable lines enter your home are also a common entry point for pests. Check these for openings or gaps, and check dryer or exhaust vents as well.

Trim Nearby Trees and Bushes: Trimming back trees and bushes in close proximity to your home is another good way to combat pests. Trees and bushes with branches that hang over your roof can be an easy way for unwanted critters to climb right in.

Seal Trash Cans, Food Containers and Storage Bins Tightly: Trash cans, or any other containers containing food or waste, should always be sealed properly. A good tip is to always keep trash cans away from your house so pests and critters don’t find their way in. Pests also like to hide inside storage bins, so be sure to seal containers with tight lids. This is often one of the first places exterminators check.

Inspect Your Roofline: You’ll also want to check your roofline, which includes your shingles, vents, vent screens and chimney. Fix any areas that have gaps or holes, and ensure your chimney cap is in place as well. A secure chimney cap acts as a natural animal repellent.


Pesticide Types

Many people assume pesticides are just bug killers. While pesticides do make for great fire ant killer, roach killer and insect control in general, killing bugs is just one of their many benefits. The full family of pesticides includes:

  • Insecticides: Insect attractants and repellents, flea collars for pets
  • Herbicides: Plant defoliants and desiccants
  • Rodenticides: Rat and mouse killers
  • Germicides: Bathroom disinfectants
  • Algicides: Including some pool chemicals
  • Mildewcides: Contained in many cleaning products

Warning: Be careful when using any type of pesticide. Never use indoor chemicals outside, and remember, more isn’t always better. Always read the application instructions on the label. Call us for professional Insect & Pest Control

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