January 22, 2022

Cheap Mosquito Fogging Bali – In the rainy season, maybe some people will start cleaning the house. Starting from tidying up the warehouse, cutting down shady or creeping trees, cleaning drains around the house, cleaning the kitchen area to dispose of the remnants of cans that are no longer used, a place to wash clothes & clothes that often hang behind the bedroom door or in the closet.

Why? Because a house that is too humid is the most preferred place for a living creature called ‘mosquito’ which is a small and slender insect, whose body consists of three separate parts, namely the head (caput), chest (thorax), and abdomen. In female mosquitoes, we can see that the antennae have short hair and are known as pilose antennae. Whereas in male mosquitoes, the antennae have long hair and are known as plumose antennae.

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Mosquitoes also have a pair of wings

On the front and the wings on the back grow smaller (rudimentary) as dumbbells which function as a balance tool. The main food of a mosquito is by sucking human blood and in its behavior it can cause various disease transmissions including Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikunya, Filariasis.

Why do we have to start cleaning in the rainy season?

The main mosquitoes will be more active and able to breed well and quickly in the dry season, because in the rainy season the water cannot stagnate, and water tends to flow more from the container where the mosquitoes usually nest and wash away all the mosquito eggs. But if it is stated that in the dry season the growth of mosquitoes is more than in the rainy season, it should not make us careless, because even though the growth of mosquitoes is little, the mosquito life cycle is stated to be longer than the mosquito cycle during the dry season.

Therefore, the health department and the government have intensified the 3M campaign (draining, closing & burying) Draining means the activity of draining cleans/discards the contents of trash cans, water reservoirs such as jugs, bathtubs and places that are easy for mosquitoes to infest. Closing is the activity of tightly closing the jars or drums of daily water reservoirs very tightly. Burying is an activity to clean up places that might be flooded and made a place for mosquitoes to breed. And the last is by routinely spraying mosquito repellent or fogging smoke to stop the breeding of larvae & mosquitoes.

Cheap Mosquito Fogging Bali

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