Pest Control Bali
16 Apr

As an icon of Indonesian tourism in the world - the island of Bali has the advantage of a diversity of tours that offer various natural, cultural and artistic attractions and destinations. As Pest Control Bali, the “world's tourism paradise” which is owned by Indonesia, the island which…

02 Feb

Termites are a type of insect that lives in colonies. Who would have thought that termite species had existed for 200 years. Termites are a type of insect that lives in colonies. Who would have thought that termite species had existed for 200 years. The head of this…

03 Jul


Bintrek is an anti-termite made from active bifentrin 25 grams / liter. Insecticides in the form of emulsifiers that can be emulsified, berwrna clear yellowish, effective as controlling termites that are toxic contact and stomach. Currently Bintrek sale on 3 kinds of packaging: 100 ml. 1 liter, and…

03 Jul

Agenda 25 EC

Agenda® 25 EC is a premium non-repellent termiticide which prevents and controls termite infestations in and around buildings and other structures by establishing a treated zone which is lethal to subterranean termites. It provides 3 years structural protection combined with a colony management effect. This product is unsuitable…

03 Jul

Xentium 130SL

XENTIUM 130 EC is a wood and building destructive pest controller XENTIUM 130 EC Use Instructions: 1. For the purpose of soil termites (Coptotermes curvignathus) by means of soil treatment applications, use concentrations of 10-20 ml / liter. 2. For Dry Wood Powder (Heterobustrichus) by immersion wood, use…

01 Jul

Mitida 200

Termiticides MITIDA active ingredient imidacloprid SL 200 to 200 grams / liter. Termiticides MITIDA 200 SL shaped clear yellow liquid that is soluble in water to control termites and beetles wood powder. Why Should MITIDA 200 SL? CHEAP, MITIDA 200 SL cheap, only 50% of similar product prices,…

16 Mar

Termiban 400EC

Active Ingredients: Klorfirifos 400 g / l Net contents: 500 ml Contact and stomach poison that can be emulsified to control the dry wood termites and subterranean termites. It can also be used to preserve wood mainly keep the wood from termite attack after being soaked with termiban.

16 Mar

Stealth 240 SC

The active ingredient Stealth 240 SC: Klorfenapir 240 g / l Registration Number of Stealth 240 SC: RI.04110120072967 The net weight of Stealth 240 SC : 100 ml Stealth 240 SC is a wood preservative contact and stomach poison shaped white suspension concentrates to control subterranean termites (Captotermes curvignathus)…

16 Mar

Premise 200 S

The active ingredients: Imidacloprid 200 g / liter Formulators: PT. Bayer Indonesia To control termites and beetle wood powder Packaging : 1 box contains 40 bottles of 250 ml Why Premise 200 SL is different? Non repellent: Termites when through a land that has been applied not feel and…

12 Apr

Prevail 100 EC

Prevail is complete protection of buildings and property from termites. Termites are a nuisance insects that cause great damage to the wood. Advantages of Prevail 100EC: Prevail 100EC is a new anti-termite products that contain active ingredients cypermnathrium. This active ingredient has the following characteristics: 1. The level…

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