03 Jul

How to eradicate mice easily and safely using glue board trap elephant mouse.

Rat Trap Glue Board How to eradicate rats in your home safely and harmless, because it uses a trap method in the form of a board that is covered by a very sticky glue. The advantages of this mouse trap glue board can be used many times and 100% safe for your family.

Size: 12 * 25 cm (closed) 24 * 25 cm (open)
Shape: Box / Rectangle

How to Use Cap Gajah Rat Glue:

  1. Remove the plastic seal, then open the mouse trap glue and put the mouse-liked bait such as bread, catfish pellets, etc. in the middle.
  2. Place CAP GAJAH TRAN RAT GLUE in place that often dilalaui mice. Because it is transparent and odorless, the mice will not be suspicious
  3. In order that the cartons that have been given glue of the mouse do not carry with the mouse better the cardboard is given a weight like a stone on the edge
  4. When the mouse is trapped, remove the mouse using wood, iron, etc.
  5. If the mouse is still a lot, use the glue again, in the former patch of mice can be added glue packing tube / toothpaste. Traps ready for use again.

Note: Be careful! Do not put a glue board in a mouse trap anywhere because it can be misplaced to your pet like a chicken, cat or rabbit that can be complete in this rat glue.

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