March 20, 2021

This time I will give tips on catching mice in the style of the Canggu rat services. As we all know, rats are animals whose population is almost all over the world, including Indonesia. We often encounter rats around us. Hearing the name of a mouse is already familiar to our ears. Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia and is quite well known abroad. Kuta is an attractive spot when tourists come to Bali. This happens because the Canggu area has restaurants and cafes with unique architecture and of course the food and drinks that are sold are also served very attractively.

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the increasing population of rat pests will be a problem for business owners. Many of us are familiar with mice, but we don’t know how mice and rats are, so on this occasion we as a Canggu rat services will discuss what rats like and can be used as bait for mice.

We, as a Canggu rat services, will help explain according to our experience.

Raw fish

Rats aren’t the only sweet tooth. Rats also like things that smell strong. Just like raw fish, it must smell fishy and stinging, right? As a canggu rat catching service, you should use salted fish.


It turns out that chocolate is not only liked by humans. Rats also really like chocolate. Chocolate, which is known for its sweet taste and rich in protein, is perfect for baiting mice.


As previously explained, rats like sweet things. One of the sweetest is honey besides chocolate and cheese. Honey can be smeared with plywood which contains rat poison as bait to catch mice. As a service to Canggu rat services, honey is quite effective to use as bait for mice.

Cheese Snacks

Surely it is no stranger to seeing in cartoons like Tom and Jerry or other children’s cartoons when cheese is a favorite food for rats. In fact, with our experience as a Canggu rat services, cheese is a food that rats love and is very effective as bait for mice.

Seeing rats that are very annoying and provide many harmful threats to humans, both the threat of disease and financial loss, of course you don’t want rats to nest in your house a lot, right?

Based on our experience as a Canggu rat services, the rat population can be reduced naturally. This method doesn’t drain the bag and the ingredients are easy to find. We, as a Canggu rat services, will explain the natural ways that can be used to reduce the rat population. Hopefully this information can help those of you who want to know an economical and natural way to eradicate the rat population that can be done independently.

The most effective way to eradicate rats

Peppermint Oil

Rats really don’t like the smell of peppermint. Therefore, peppermint can be used as a way to get rid of rats in your house in a natural way. The method that can be done is very easy, spray peppermint oil on the area that you think is being passed by rats. This can help minimize the rat population in your environment


The first way to get rid of mice is camphor. Mothballs are believed to be effective in repelling rats. Put some camphor where rats often pass. Use gloves to make it safer and always remember to wash your hands after handling camphor.


The second way to get rid of mice is to mix 2 tablespoons of detergent with a quarter of a glass of water. Place it where mice often appear. This herb will make mice uncomfortable because they cannot stand the smell of detergents.

Seeing our experience as a Canggu rat services, rats can reproduce very quickly so that it is quite difficult to handle alone.

We are here as your solution if you want to save time dealing with high rat populations.

We have a very unique and original special method to completely solve the rat problem. Do you want financial and health loss due to rats? Prevent From now on.

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