March 6, 2021

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You must know the gecko. An animal that looks like a lizard but has a loud voice. Tokke .. This reptile with a loud voice belongs to the large lizard family. But narrowly speaking, the gecko is always interpreted as a house gecko (Gecko gecko). In Indonesia since 2009, the hunt for geckos has continued to increase, from data from the Canggu Gecko Control Services, as rumors say that this house gecko has the power to cure HIV disease.

Geckos are also said to be able to cure skin diseases. Do you know that?

In fact, the gecko is not a poisonous animal, only it has strong jaws so that when it bites it will be difficult to remove. This is what underlies the myth, a gecko bite will not come off without a thundering sound. Hehe, this is just a myth, guys. The point of this myth is that the gecko’s bite is very strong.

Tips from the Canggu Gecko Control Services. The first thing we have to do is “calm down” to release the gecko bite. So far, the gecko has recorded the strongest bite.

Besides that, the Gecko is also an animal that is known to have many benefits. In fact, people started keeping them as pets. Even the export activity of the gecko is high, its main export targets are Hong Kong and Malaysia.

This unique fact may occur maybe because many say that geckos can be used as a cure for the HIV virus, but throughout the research conducted, geckos contain certain substances to fight the HIV virus. In other words, they have not been scientifically proven.

However, did you know that these reptiles are touted as transmitters of dangerous salmonella bacteria.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the salmonella bacteria that infect 16 countries are associated with geckos. In January 2020, 20 people ranging in age from 1 to 57 years were reported to be infected with the same strain of salmonella. Of these, eleven of them are reported to have geckos.

Did you know Salmonella bacteria have extraordinary infectious abilities, not only in mammals and birds but also in reptiles because these bacteria can infect reptiles for a long time.

The infected reptiles show no visible symptoms. “Pet owners are not able to notice the symptoms that appear in their reptiles and should be careful to wash their hands after handling the gecko.

From the data of the Canggu Gecko Control Services, the pet can be dangerous for the owner. He also noted that bacteria can be excreted by pets and that owners can become infected if they touch and touch their pet’s face or mouth.

Salmonella is a bacteria associated with food poisoning and can be found in soil or animal waste. Symptoms of infection from these bacteria include nausea and vomiting, but in severe cases Salmonella bacteria can also cause blood poisoning, meningitis, and bone infections.

If you have a gecko and it starts showing these symptoms, you will need to see a doctor to be tested for the salmonella bacteria.

Are you one of those who likes to hunt geckos because you are tempted by issues that claim geckos have high economic value?

Hmm, you have to be more careful to digest information and rethink if you want to raise or even want gecko livestock at home.

However, if you find a Gecko at home and you are afraid, don’t hesitate to contact the Umas Pest Control team first. The Canggu Gecko Control Services survey team will be happy to check, and provide solutions related to the presence of a gecko in your home. Come on, contact us or come directly to our office for consultation, Canggu Gecko Control Services

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