16 Mar

The house, Restaurant, Hotel a lot of cockroaches? You’ve been spraying with pesticides, but still a lot? Do not use it that way again. The new cockroach dies when hit directly by the pesticides you spray. This method is outdated, use the method Blattanex cockroach gel bait.

What’s in it using Blattanex Gel?

  1. Containing highly favored bait of all kinds of cockroaches so that all kinds of cockroaches definitely eat it.
  2. Material feed easily attached to any surface, but it does not stain and does not easily melt to a temperature of 54 degrees celsius.
  3. How easy application, applicators and residents safe, odorless and environmentally friendly.
  4. Eradicate cockroaches in a relatively short time. Why is that? Cockroaches have cannibalistic nature. Cockroach that died from eating this feed, edible another cockroach, the cockroach will also die. And so on. So that pressing the cockroach population to a minimum.
  5. Quality assurance for formulators of Bayer Indonesia.

How to use?

  1. Remove the cover tube. Find places that many cockroach (cockroach nest) or often skipped cockroaches, under the table, under the sink.
  2. Click on to point out to form a diameter of approximately 5 mm (0.1 grams)
  3. Adjust the number of points with the extent of the attack and the type of cockroach that is (1 meter per point)
  4. Apply again once they have run ingested in the same place.
  5. Do not apply on a regular basis scalded.
  6. Bait remains effective for one month during yet inedible.

The net weight of the bait 12 grams / tube.

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