October 21, 2020

Surabaya is a Metropolis city with several rich diversity in it. Surabaya is also the second largest city after Jakarta. Quoting from wikipedia, Surabaya has a population of around 3 million people. In addition, at this time Surabaya has also become the center of business, trade, industry, tourism and education in Indonesia.

As an area that is densely populated and with activities, it is undeniable that termite problems are often encountered in the city of Surabaya. As a termite control in Surabaya, we often encounter dizzy customers when their property or furniture, which is made of wood, is gnawed by termites. Some of those who are affected by termites cannot do much, because although the termite population is small, the population is growing rapidly. Termites never stop causing damage. So it is dangerous if termites have lodged in your place, be it a villa, hotel, resort, restaurant, office or your home. If not eradicated, it will be damage for long term of your property or furniture.

Types of Termites in Indonesia

We as a termite control in Surabaya have clarified the types of termites commonly found in Indonesia into 3 types, such as :

  1. Ground Termites

When viewed from its type, ground termites form nests in the soil to get moisture from the soil. The air can cause subterranean termites to dry out, which is why these types of termites build tunnels. Tunnels were built for their way of foraging such as wood or other sources of celluloasa. But what you need to remember is that ground termites are the number 1 destroyer compared to other types of termites. This is because subterranean termites can damage the building’s structural from within.

  1. Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are a type of termite that cause massive damage drastically. When drywood termites infect a place or build a nest, the termite colony will continue to eat the wood until only the skin is left. The existence of these termites will only be known if your furniture is damaged and porous on the inside.

  1. Dampwood termites

Unlike drywood termites, dampwood termites like rotten wood to eat. Moist area is very beneficial for dampwood termites. They are very fond of moist areas and are often found in wood embedded in outdoor spaces and directly touching the ground.

Characteristics If Your Property Has Become A Nesting Place For Termites

We as a termite control in Surabaya from our experience want to  clarified the 3 most common characteristics if your property has become a nesting place for termites, such as:

  1. Your walls, floors or wood furniture have holes in them

If your walls, floors or wooden furniture have holes in them, make sure there are active termite nests. This happens because many termite colonies can result in the formation of holes in walls or house equipment, especially if they are made of wood.

  1. There is Termite Poop

Generally termites will leave dirt after gnawing on walls or objects made of wood. Termite droppings are normally a brown powdery color.

  1. Your wooden floor expands

Termites like to live in damp and dark areas. When you see the wooden floors on your property expand, this indicates that there are termite nests below. This condition can occur due to damp wooden floors.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Termites Independently

Can termites be killed independently? Certainly can. Here are some ways that we consider easy to do yourself to get rid of termites in your home, office, hotel or restaurant.

  1. Using Mothballs

The naphthalene content in camphor is effective in killing small insects such as termites. It is enough to put a piece of camphor in wooden furniture at home or a place where termite nests are felt.

  1. Widen the Vent

Rooms that lack air flow and light are generally humid. Therefore, widening or increasing ventilation is very important so that the atmosphere of the room in your home, office, restaurant or other business property is not damp and away from termites.

  1. Using Soapy Water

Using water mixed with soap is effective to disrupt the respiratory flow of termites. Simply spray soap liquid all over wooden furniture or places that are felt to have been reached by termites.

In some cases, termite invasion can be very fast and massive, making it quite difficult to deal with on your own. If you don’t have time to handle it independently, we as a termite control in Surabaya are here to make it easier for you in further and comprehensive handling of termites. Umas pest control is one of the termite control in Surabaya that is already professional in termite control. Over the years we have helped thousands of customers overcome various pest problems, which one termite pests. We have a dedicated, integrated method of dealing with termite spread. We also have a 1-5 year warranty for the treatment of termites that use our services. The medicines we use are environmentally friendly with certified and reliable workers. What are you waiting for? don’t let termites damage your property and furniture.

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