December 21, 2021

Rat? Who does not know this pest. So therefore we want to inform about best rat bait you can find in Bali. In general, what we know is that rats are dirty, ignorant pests and it’s no wonder that because of their dirty habitat, rats can certainly transmit disease.

It is very natural that we are quite anxious that there are rats roaming the house. The main thing is because rats can be a means of transmitting disease to our families at home. Not only are rats known as dirty pests and can transmit disease, rats can also damage things and eat up food in the house without our knowledge.

In several stories from our customers, as a rat pest control service, rats can not only eat the food on the dining table, but even try to climb up the cupboard and eat away at the customer’s supply of food snacks.Worse yet, rat pests can also eat wires, bite clothes into holes and the extreme is eating soap.

Amazing isn’t it? Surely many of us all want to immediately eradicate the ignorant rats at home because yes, it gives us a lot of harm. It is undeniable that many people have found a lot of rats roaming around their homes, looking for ways to get rid of rats in a fast and efficient way. As we know rat poison is known to be very effective in helping in controlling rat pests.

Best Rat Bait Recommend For You

1) Dora’s Rat Poison

Dora’s poison is a poison with a form favored by rats. The reason this poison is very popular with rats is because the ingredients of this poison are made as attractive as possible according to the criteria of rats. The physical form of this poison is used to seduce and summon rats to eat it. The shape is quite large and attractive to mice. This poison can be placed in several parts that if it becomes a mouse traffic flow

2) Kurato Brand Rat Poison

This poison with the kurato brand is poison in the form of bait and is certainly liked by rats. More specifically, this poison can kill mice without an unpleasant odor. Why can it be like that? This poison is recognized not to have a direct death effect on mice. So with that the herd of rats did not know if the poison had an impact on killing the rats. Very effective and effective in eradicating mice. This poison is also recognized to be able to kill mice that are considered immune to other poisons. All kinds of mice can be killed using this rat poison

3) Mao Wang’s Rat Poison

Who is not familiar with Mao Wang’s rat poison? very familiar found in the facebook marketplace and the price is not expensive. Although this poison is known to be cheap, its benefits in killing mice are unquestionable. The rats will die right away on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about finding the rat carcass.

4) Petrokum Brand Rat Poison

Similar to Mao Wang’s rat poison, this petrocum brand of rat poison can kill on the spot. This rat poison is recognized as a cheap rat poison but is effective in killing mice in just an instant. However, for this rat poison, it is better to cut it first to be more efficient in its use. Be careful and use plastic gloves to avoid poisoning after handling this poison

5) Ramtus Brand Rat Poison

Finally, a unique rat poison that has a distinctive aroma that is liked by rats. The sensational smell for rat colonies can stimulate the olfactory sensors of mice to eat this Ramtus brand of rat poison.

Seeing that rats are smart animals, they breed very quickly, so for fast, hassle-free rat handling, it’s a good idea to contact a rat control service that is reliable and professional in its field. Umas Pest Control is always ready to help those of you who have difficulty dealing with rats even though you have tried to handle them yourself with the poisons that are said to be effective.

How to get rid of Rat With Easy Way

We have standard strategies and methods to help you deal with your rat problem. Tired of dealing with naughty rats that are getting more and more visible every day even though you have installed rat poison? Want mice to disappear without any hassle? Umas Pest Control is here as your solution if you want practical results, without being complicated and very time-saving in dealing with rat populations that are already large and difficult to handle on your own.

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