March 12, 2021

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Have you ever found isolated places in cracks in the floor, behind torn wallpaper, in the grooves of chair legs, sofas about the presence of bedbugs or what are often called bed bugs?

Who has had a bite that is so irritating and painful? You need to know they are very easy to multiply. Here is how Bed bugs control service can find out more about the presence of bedbugs in the home.

Fortunately, the life span of the bedbug is not long, only 13-14 months. However, a female bedbug can lay 200-300 eggs during her lifetime. The developmental stage from larvae to adult state is about one to two months.

So don’t be surprised if the development of bedbugs at home is quite fast. Then you wonder why there are bedbugs at home? The answer is simple when someone accidentally brings bed bugs to bed. This can happen because bed bugs are able to crawl through clothing or other objects and then hide around the mattress.

Bed bugs control service have data that bed bugs come out at night to suck blood and hide during the day. Apart from around the mattress, bed bugs often hide in several places, such as: Apartments, boarding houses, student dormitories, clothes, carpets, curtains, pillows, objects around the mattress, spaces behind light switches, gaps or cracks in furniture.

Bed bugs are more often found in places inhabited by many people, such as: Hospitals, Lodging, Refugee camps, Apartments, student dormitories, means of transportation. And nothing is more painful than waking up at night from a bite, and in the morning to find bitten skin and blood spots on a pillow or blanket.

How can bed bugs be transmitted to other people?

These bloodsucking animals only exist in the human body for a short time, they only bite, suck and leave. In theory, if there is a Bed bugs control service crawling on someone’s clothes and the clothes change places, there is no guarantee that other people will not be bitten by the same bedbug.

There may even be cases where a bug from one bed crawled onto another and bit someone else.

On the other hand, bedbug can cause a person to have infectious diseases. Then it becomes a carrier of the virus, especially if the disease-causing agent is deposited in the insect’s oral parts, which are intended for blood suction. This pest bite triggers itching of the skin, which causes scratching.

Do not want your family to experience the above events, our Bed bugs control service will help you avoid bed bugs that can endanger your family or close friends. Contact us immediately and get more info

What should be checked?

Clothing: Bedbugs can hide in the folds of clothing or in the seams. They can lay eggs, which you won’t notice right away due to their tiny size. They can wear outerwear in public places, when visiting cafes, cinemas, in transportation. Buying clothes at a thrift store, thrift store, or by hand, can also bring these insects home.
Suitcases: When traveling on a business trip or traveling, you may not suspect that bed bugs living in hotels or hotels have fallen into your suitcase and, upon arrival home, settle safely in your room. Apart from that you should also make sure to check the umbrellas, bags, and packages.
Bed edges and cots: Usually during the day the bedbugs will hide, they tend to look for damp places, so check the nooks and crannies all over the corners of your mattress and cot.

Having a bedbugs problem at home is not something to be embarrassed about, these pests are not difficult to solve. But if you are not sure about the existence of Bedbugs at home, you can pay attention to the following things: Look for bite marks on the body, black spots or blood on the mattress, and also check the corners of clothes, carpets, curtains, pillows, objects around mattresses, Space behind light switches, Cracks or cracks in furniture.

If any signs that indicate the presence of this insect are detected, seek special care immediately and call the professional Bedbugs Exterminator Service in WA: 0813-3755-3373. Our team will be more than happy to help you solve the problem of bedbugs and make your night’s sleep comfortable again.

Bed bugs control service

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