November 19, 2021

We as pest control and handle bed bugs bali , we would like to provide information on the use of pesticides that can be used for fumigation of bed bugs, which is the most effective method for dealing with bed bugs besides spray bed bugs. Based on the origin of the word pesticide comes from the English language, namely pest means pest and cida means killer. What is meant by pests for farmers is very broad, namely: mites, nuisance plants, plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses, nematodes (worms that interfere with the base), snails, rats, birds, and other animals that are considered harmful.


Bed Bugs Bali

Explanation of Pesticides According to Bed Bugs Bali

Pesticides used in agriculture in particular are often called plant protection products to distinguish them from materials used in other fields. avoid animals that can cause disease in humans or fauna that need to be protected by use on plants, soil and air.

Pesticide management is an activity that includes the manufacture, transportation, storage, demonstration, use and disposal/destruction of pesticides. Not only great effectiveness, pesticides have many negative and detrimental impacts. In controlling the use of chemical characters and character

Types of Pesticides For Pests

  • Insecticide

           is a material that has chemical compounds that can kill all types of insects.

  • Fungicide

          is a material that has toxic chemical compounds and can be used to eradicate and avoid fungus / fungus.

  • Acaricide or miticide

          is a substance that contains a chemical compound that is used to kill mites, ticks and spiders.

  • Rodensticide

          is a material that contains toxic chemical compounds that are used to kill various types of rodents, such as rats.

  • Molluscicide

          is a pesticide to kill mollusks, namely: snails, snails and tripisan which are commonly found in ponds.

  • Herbicide

         is a toxic chemical compound that is used to kill nuisance plants called weeds.

Pesticides function for Bed Bugs Bali

  • Getting Rid of Bed Bugs More Effectively

         Kill bed bugs and other pests and avoid the development of pests or pest parts. Eradicating or avoiding external pests on pets and livestock.

  • Complete eradication of other pests

      Avoiding animals and micro-organisms in households, buildings and means of transportation, eradicating or avoiding animals that can cause disease in humans or fauna that need to be protected

The Consequences of Using Pesticides for Bed Bugs Bali

Positive Consequences

  • Can be applied easily
  • Can be applied in a large area in a short time
  • Easy to obtain and share the most important short-term economic benefits.
  • can be applied almost at any time and any place.
  • The results can be experienced in a short time

Negative Consequences

  • Death of natural enemies of nuisance organisms
  • Can lead to the emergence of resistance
  • Pesticide poisoning
  • Poisoning to livestock and pets
  • Poisoning to wild animals
  • Environmental pollution
  • Restrict Trade

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