12 Apr

Active Formula Phoxim contained in BASILEUM 505 EC is designed to protect the foundation of the building from ground termite attack. Once dry, 505 EC BASILEUM very strongly bound in the soil, until the insoluble by rainwater. BASILEUM 505 EC also protects the wood against termites and other wood destroying insect.
Results of Field Test wood that has been treated with Poxim last up to 14 years safe from termites and wood destroying insect.

APPLICATION Mix 1 liter Basileum 505 EC with 50-100 liters of water Stir until evenly milky white mixture results Basileum 505 EC can also be mixed with kerosene, paint meni or residue in the ratio 1: 40

DOSE OF APPLICATION Land: 5 liters of solution / square meter of land surface area Wood: 0.25 liters of solution / square meter of wood surface area

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