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15 Jul

Bali Wild Animal Control Services – The main habitats of wild animals are usually in the wild such as forests, rice fields. In addition, some types of dangerous animals can also be found in the zoo. However, there are several cases regarding the entry of wild animals into the home / office / hotel / other areas.

The existence of these wild animals is certainly dangerous for us. Some wild animals that are often a problem are snakes, cats, dogs, bats, monitor lizards. The appearance of these wild animals was unexpected, many cases found snakes on the ceiling of their houses, or the entry of stray cats/dogs into homes or hotels. Or bats that often eat fruit on trees at home.

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Why do wild animals enter the house?

Although we cannot predict the arrival of wild animals into our homes, one of the factors that can lead to the entry of wild animals into our area is the climate factor. In Indonesia, there are 2 climates, namely dry and rainy, each of these wild animals may leave their natural habitat when differences occur.

For example, monkeys, when entering the dry season when the weather is very hot, a herd of monkeys can go down to residential areas to look for food. Snakes are actually more often into residential residents. Snakes can enter through sewer pipes. Bats tend to enter the home area if there are fruit trees, these wild animals usually eat fruit, especially ripe mangoes. So not infrequently we see mangoes that are still on the tree but have been damaged.

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Wild Animal Control Services in Bali

To catch wild animals can not be done arbitrarily, because it is too dangerous and can injure us. It is necessary to have a professional when catching wild animals. Umas Pest Control has been established for more than 10 years and helps in handling various wild animals such as bats, snakes, cats, etc. The personnel we deploy are trained in catching wild animals.

If there are wild animals in your environment, immediately contact Umas Pest Control for handling. We also provide free checks before work.


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