April 27, 2021

Small like ants, but the skill of termites eating home furniture cannot be underestimated or underestimated. A research result says that termites in homes in Indonesia can cause losses of up to trillions of rupiah each year.

Get to know the following 5 characteristics to find out whether your house is a home for these loss-carrying pests

There is a Cavity That Forms a Tunnel in the House Room

Have you ever looked at the brown longitudinal mound in the hollow room of the house that resembles a tunnel? Largely, it is an act of subterranean or subterranean termite colonies

which is used as access in and out of and distributing crops eroding your home. This matter is said to be their strategy so as not to appear. This small tunnel is made of debris from the walls, mud, dust, and their own excrement.

many insect wings on the floor

Old termites, whether male or female, naturally want to enter the active phase of reproduction and compete to find companions to produce new colony groups. In this phase, to facilitate movement, they usually want to fly even with their wings that are categorized as vulnerable to breaking. Therefore, if you create a lot of cloudy transparent wings on the floor of the house, it could be a symptom that your house has become a nest for termite colonies.

He found the termite droppings

After eroding the rooms and parts and features of the house made of wood, termites usually want to leave dirt or feces hanging over the floor or near their attack position. Thus, this mound of dirt in the form of powder and brown patterns in the house is a strong symptom of your residence having become a nesting place for breakfast.

Booth Sounded Kopong

Termites like to erode walls or other house features, especially those made of wood. With a few taps of your finger, you can calculate for yourself whether your house has become a victim of termites or not. If it doesn’t sound strong and there are signs that the room sounds hollow, then there may be a colony of termites that are actively nesting in your dwelling.

There are bolts in booths, floors or wooden furniture

And if there are too many colonies, there are many problems that cause holes or cavities in rooms or other special house features made of wood. If you have this, it is clear that your house has indeed become a nest for many active and harmful termite colonies.

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Not only the 5 things mentioned above, there are many other things that indicate the presence of termites in the house. Of course, what is very risky is when these characteristics do not appear at all and we know it when the room is porous, the features of the house are damaged, and the losses have already attacked.

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