November 11, 2021


Bali Ship Fumigation – Could it be that some of you have experienced a sudden bulge larger than a mosquito bite in certain parts of the body? The bulge won’t go away especially for a few weeks, it’s very painful and itchy. Just in case, there is usually a bite residue in the center of the bulge with a small needle-sized hole.

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Do you understand that animals can cause such bulges? Why does it cause painful and itchy bumps? Animals that bite and cause itching like this are moth larvae. The outer shell of this larva looks like a cucumber or watermelon seed. In Indonesia, this insect is often called Kamitetep which has the Latin Phereoeca utereella

KamiTETEP Shape

Kami still are moth larvae or caterpillars that usually carry a cucumber seed-like shell as their habitat and function as cocoons when preparing to metamorphose into moths. The cocoons formed by these larvae are usually made of silk fiber mixed with sand or dust or soil.

This cocoon in the form of a kuwaci usually has an exit from the front and back or two directions to facilitate the entry and exit of the caterpillars in it. Even though we haven’t fully emerged from the cocoon, only part or half of our body is about to come out looking for food.

We are still parasitic insects or pests, these small poisonous insects usually feed on fabric fibers and small cobwebs. These animals generally live in hidden places, but the temperature is greater, such as at the bottom of a bed or chair, because these animals also eat the fabric around them. Therefore, if you do not want to be stung by us, you must sterilize the area carefully.

The female body is generally longer than the male body, after becoming a moth will have wings with a length of about 13 millimeters. The amazing and scary thing is that we moths can still lay as many as 200 eggs in one spawning cycle. The eggs will be kept secret in a place where they are comfortable so they can hatch on us.

Our poison KamiTetep is still there

When we stab or bite, we generally leave the hair where it was stung. The fur can cause bumps and swelling, accompanied by a very sore and itchy sensation. Swelling and bumps from insect bites usually last for a few days or even more than a week, and if left unchecked will turn dark.

We can heal our sting injury with

Smearing balsam or can also use itching medicine. But usually the itching will be felt again after the effect of the balm wears off. Or with the traditional method

Quite effective for treating itching after being bitten by this poisonous insect is to apply duct tape or adhesive to the bumps from the rest of our bites.

After affixing duct tape to the bump, pull it as tight as possible so that the remaining fur of the animal’s sting is also pulled out by the duct tape. and you can also use cotton that has been moistened with kerosene and then smeared on the injury or bump on our bite, still and can also use another method, namely using camphor on the skin.

puree then mixed into water after that smeared on the injury or bumps caused by our insect bites. Such is the traditional method that we can try when exposed to our insects, which can still cause pain and heat injuries as well as bumps on our bodies.

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