April 28, 2021

Bali Rat Catching Service – Several genetically engineered mice were reported to have remained muscular throughout their health experiments on the International Space Station. Researchers say they have successfully blocked molecular signaling pathways to protect mice from depleting muscle and bone density when in areas without gravity.

Mice Muscled?

The research results hope the researchers can use to improve treatments that could help astronauts reduce the muscle and bone mass loss felt during long-term spaceflight.

Researchers are targeting molecular signaling pathways to be used to help humans who are dealing with muscle and bone loss due to various conditions such as muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, and diseases that cause muscle wasting such as cancer, heart disease, sepsis, and AIDS.

The research has been published in the daily Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. NASA astronauts Drew Morgan, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir who participated in the experiment while on the space station were included as authors and researchers in the research.

Jackson Laboratory is known to have genetically manipulated the muscle development of 40 female mice sent to the ISS. We try to do this to better understand how zero gravity affects the human body.

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According to data from the Rat Catching Service, the rat is one of the many groups of rodents that have flown on the space station over the years in the name of research.

The experiment is called Rodent Research-19 and it is used to work on myostation and activin, which are molecular signaling pathways that can influence and control bone density and skeletal muscle mass.

The pre-researchers believe the path could be a target to avoid running out of muscle and bone during the mission and aiding recovery efforts once astronauts return to Earth.

While located at the ISS station, some of the mice were treated with the ACVR2B receptor agent, which actually blocked the way to see how it was causing their bones and muscles to run out. Blocking the road has also been known to promote muscle and bone development.

Genetic mice that have muscles

Because some of the mice were genetically engineered for myostatin deficiency, they had twice the muscle mass on average and were nicknamed mighty mice.

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Quoting Phsy, research leader Se-Jin Lee said 24 ordinary mice that were not genetically engineered faced a sizable depletion of muscle and bone mass in an 18 percent zero gravity state.

On the other hand, a genetically engineered mighty mouse launched with multiple muscles was able to maintain its form. The rat’s muscles appear to be comparable to that of the uniformed mighty rats at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Researchers suggest there is still a lot of work to be done before testing the drug on people to build muscle and bone, without serious side effects.

The 40 mice sent to the ISS will help scientists master how muscles and bones are used when humans are in outer space. As many as 8 of the 40 mice flown into space have undergone genetic modification.

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