December 7, 2021

Bali mosquito spray – Mosquitoes include the class insecta, the order diptera, and the family culicidae:
• Tribus Anophelenae – Anopheles
• Tribus Culicinae– Culex, Aedes, Mansonia
• Tribus Toxorhynchitinae- Toxorhycgitis

Mosquito Morphology

Head – female proboscis for sucking blood, male for sucking liquid materials On the right side of the proboscis there are palps
Antenna – male mosquito with thick hair ( plumose), female mosquito with hair less often Most of the visible thorax ( mesonotum) is covered with fine hairs.
Posteriorly and mesonotum there is a skutellum which in anophelini is rounded in shape, in culicini it is 3 arches.
The abdomen is cylindrical and consists of 10 segments, the last 2 segments turn into genital organs
Mosquitoes have 3 pairs of legs attached to the thorax, consisting of 1 segment
Femur, 1 tibia, 5 tarsus
Complete metamorphosis: egg- larva- pupa- adult – egg, larva, pupa in water, live on land/air

Egg laying

• Anopheles: one by one separated on the surface of the water
• Aedes: one by one separately in the cubicle of the water container
• Culex: attached to form a raft on the surface of the water
• Mansonia: attached to the leaves of aquatic plants

Types of Mosquito eggs

Anopheles eggs In the form of a boat with buoys on both sides One by one on the surface of the water. Culex Eggs Oval like rifle bullets Beroperculum like rafts attached to each other Eggs of Aedes Oval like eggs Laid one by one on the water After 2-4 days the eggs hatch into larvae that take food from their breeding places. Larvae consist of stages I–IV lasting 6-8 days in Culex and Aedes, in Mansonia ± 3 weeks Larva- pupae (not feeding) but need oxygen taken through a breathing tube, aged within 1-3 days. Male pupae hatch first – mosquitoes, don’t go far waiting for female mosquitoes to copulate. The female mosquito breathes blood to make eggs.

Mosquito attitude

• Anthropophilic: Only breathe Human blood
• Zoophilic: Only Inhales Animal Blood
• Anthropozoophilic: Prefers Animal blood
The age of mosquitoes is not the same, generally females are longer than males. The age of mosquitoes is approximately 2 weeks, but there are also those that live up to 2 months.

Flying distance

Flying energy for species
• Aedes aegypti: 50- 100m
• Aedes vexans: 30 km
• Anopheles: 1.6 km


• Eradication of Mosquito Nests (PSN)
• Larvacidation
• Tin Head Fish, Dragonfly, Sepat Fish
• Repelent (Spraying diesel fuel to stagnant drainage that has larvae)


• Cover each access road with mosquito netting.
• Doors Wearing Aircurtains.
• Don’t Leave Doors and Windows Always Open.

Bali Mosquito Spray

Bali mosquito spray

Fogging is a smoking technique that is carried out using special tools and drugs. The main purpose of fogging is to eradicate mosquito nests. Fumigation or fogging activities must be carried out in accordance with procedures and by experts.

We as bali mosquito spray have handled hundreds of customers and are ready to help you when you need our services. The use of fogging drugs to kill mosquitoes must be safe for the environment exposed to fumigation. We as Bali Mosquito Spray follow procedures by using materials that are safe for the environment and living things. Don’t hesitate to use us, because we already have a certificate and business license from the health department, so it’s safe and reliable. Protect yourself and your family from dengue fever with our Bali mosquito spray service, Umas Pest Control.

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