March 15, 2022

Bali Mosquito Disease – This time we will discuss how to eradicate mosquitoes with chemical and non-chemical methods, and eradicate mosquitoes that we start from our own environment, why do we need to eradicate mosquitoes because apart from disturbing mosquitoes, they also transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, foot elephants and others, therefore it is important to protect the environment to avoid mosquito attacks

Types of Mosquitoes That Can Cause Disease

1. Anopheles Mosquito
The Anopheles mosquito is one of the mosquitoes that transmit malaria which has claimed many lives, it is the female mosquito from Anopheles that transmits the disease, because only female mosquitoes bite to look for blood to ripen their eggs, the blood that is usually sought has a humidity of more than 80% , this type of mosquito is usually active at night into the evening until midnight, we should keep our sleeping area safe from mosquitoes so that malaria transmission does not occur by installing mosquito nets on the bed or adding trees that mosquitoes do not like in the room

2. Aedes aegypti mosquito
This type of mosquito is usually active during the day and transmits dengue fever, the Zika virus, although it is not dangerous to cause death, but this transmission if infected in pregnant women will make the fetus conceived with disabilities for life.

Those are some types of mosquitoes that often exist in our environment, now we will enter the point of how to eradicate mosquitoes

How To Remove Mosquitoes With Chemical Methods

1) Chemical methods that we often use are mosquito coils, pesticide sprays and others, it really has an impact on health due to the effects of burning mosquito venom in the room, using pesticide sprays we also have to use experts because of the dangers of pesticides that threaten and when using pesticides, there are several points that must be applied so that the second problem does not occur

2) Chemical methods are widely used but few of us know the dangers if we use them ourselves for our environment, other than it will be bad for health if used for a long time.

3) The advantage of using the chemical method is that pest control is very fast and we can see the results right away

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How To Remove Mosquitoes With Natural Methods

1) If we want to control mosquito pests with natural methods we have to understand what mosquitoes don’t like that we will be dealing with
2) Planting trees that are not liked by mosquitoes, can be useful for protecting the environment so that mosquitoes do not enter the room
3) Clean the environment from garbage and unused items, so that during the rainy season it doesn’t get flooded and becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes
4) Provide a humid room with good lighting, so that Anopheles mosquitoes cannot thrive in humid areas

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