July 31, 2021


Bali FumigationFUMIGAN is a volatile gas in liquid form and under great pressure and is very toxic which can kill warehouse insects and sterilize soil insects, as well as other insects. Fumigants should only be used by trained personnel because of their high level of toxicity.

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work safety equipment, including work clothes, protective equipment, breathing apparatus, and fire fighting equipment

  • Fumigant application equipment
  • Equipment for detecting gas leaks and measuring fumigant gas concentrations
  • Instructional/hazard warning equipment
  • Equipment for carrying out documentation of archive fumigation activities.

Security and safety

Security can be tried by installing risk zone boundaries, installing warning signs that are easy to see and read and announced verbally.

  • Monitoring hose installation
  • The installation of a monitoring hose is useful for taking an illustration of the concentration of gases in the room.
  • Installation of monitoring hose equipment is mandatory in a certain position that can represent the totality of gas concentrations in the archive fumigation room.

The number of monitoring hose installations with the following details:

  1. Make a room of no more than 31 m3, install 1 unit of monitoring hose
  2. For a 31–100 m3 room, 3 units of monitoring hose are installed in a diagonal position in the room
  3. Each accumulated space of 30 m3 to increase 1 monitoring hose.

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Installation of SF fumigant gas distribution equipment or PH3 fumigant holder

Installation of SF fumigant gas distribution equipment is used to distribute SF fumigant gas into the archive fumigation room. The fumigation hose must be able to withstand the pressure from the gas that is released which is very large, so that it can avoid the formation of a damaged hose due to pressure

SF distribution equipment installation process

PH3 fumigant is solid so that it uses disposable containers or bowls in the form of plates, boxes, cardboard or snack holders made of paper. If the PH3 fumigant is in the form of a plate, the container is no longer needed. Make PH3 in the form of liquid distribution hose installation as well as SF.


The sealing process is tried so that the room to be fumigated is in a gas-tight condition, so that when the application of file fumigation there is no gas leakage out of the room.

Sealing process is tried as follows:

  • Cover or seal the gaps / holes in the room with a duct tape cover, so that there is no fumigant gas leak, but does not interfere with parts of the building / room
  • The vent or vent is closed by using fumigated plastic

There are also provisions for archival fumigation plastics:

  • free from all tear defects, holes, or damage to the connection that can cause gas leakage
  • has a thickness of 160-240 microns

Bali Fumigation

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