July 31, 2021

Bali Fumigation Prices – Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) means to be owned so that the application of archive fumigation does not endanger humans and the environment.

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There is also a minimum SOP that must be owned, namely:

  • fumigant procedure (storage)
  • work safety procedures;
  • procedures for applying archive fumigation;
  • procedures for filing records before and after fumigation of files;
  • facility maintenance procedures, including equipment calibration; and
  • record/record management procedures.

Time verification, place verification, archive verification and types of archive destroying pests

Time verification

Time verification must confirm that there is sufficient time to carry out file fumigation activities. The time required includes time for preparation, application, and post-application of archive fumigation.

place verification must confirm the following:

  1. sources of electrical energy and water are available and adequate
  2. archive fumigation place protected from strong winds and rain
  3. the archive fumigation place has adequate ventilation and lighting
  4. comfortable area for the application of archive fumigation
  5. a place for fumigation of archives free from puddles and floods
  6. the condition of the floor where the file fumigation is tight, flat, and clean.

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Archive verification

archive verification To ensure the required facilities and ensure that there is no impermeable material covering the archive so that gas can penetrate properly.

archive destroying pest verification

Verification of destructive pests aims to justify the number of doses given and the time required for the application of fumigation.

There are also types of archive destroying organisms as follows:

  • Bookworm
  • Termites (termites)
  • Silverfish( Silverfish)
  • Booklice (Novel Bug)
  • Notice to related parties

Notification of the application of archive fumigation is informed by the archive fumigation executor to related parties such as the head of the institution, the head of the work unit, security officers, people next to the office building and others. Notice is attempted in writing at least 24 hours prior to implementation.

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