November 5, 2021

Bali Fumigation Costs – Monitoring of fumigant gas concentrations

The fumigant gas concentration gauge must meet the following specifications:

  1. able to measure the concentration according to the required target
  2. able to store information and can be printed
  3. equipped with a water vapor filter.

For SF fumigants, it includes 3 (3) sessions, namely early monitoring, monitoring during exposure, and final monitoring.

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Early monitoring

Tried 30 minutes after gas completion to determine the start time of file fumigation. The calculation of archive fumigation time is attempted if the gas concentration measured in all monitoring intervals is not less than 100% of the determined dose. If the concentration in one of the monitor hoses is less than 100% but the total gas concentration is still above the minimum concentration in the 100% requirement, then you can try to revise it by turning the fan back on for 15 minutes.

Tried with time intervals every 6 hours after fumigation of the archive. The goal is to determine the concentration of gas still lies in the established standard.

Final monitoring

Aims to identify the successful application of archive fumigation. File fumigation is declared successful if the gas concentration in all monitoring hoses is at or above the SF gas standard. Regarding triggers for SF gas concentrations in non-standard archive fumigation chambers:

  1. the room and floor where the archive fumigation is not gas-tight
  2. volume calculation does not fit
  3. calculation of the number of fumigants less
  4. fumigant distribution is not comprehensive
  5. there are obstacles or blockages in the monitor hose
  6. there is a problem with the monitoring equipment.
  7. Meanwhile, for solid and liquid PH3 fumigants, monitoring can be carried out at 6, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours.

Measurement of PH3 gas is tried at 6 hours after laying

and must reach a minimum of 200 ppm. If the concentration of PH3 gas is below 200 ppm until the fumigation of the archive is considered to have run aground and must be repeated if using solid PH3, on the other hand for liquid PH3 try to accumulate PH3 gas if the target concentration is less than 90%. If the results of the measurement of the concentration of PH3 gas in the room do not match what has been determined,

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this could be due to:

  1. incomplete placement of fumigants in all rooms
  2. there is an obstacle or blockage between the monitor hose
  3. there is a problem with the monitoring equipment, such as leaking, pinching or folding
  4. archive fumigation plastic sheet is damaged/leaked
  5. the floor where the archive fumigation is not gas-tight
  6. sandsnake installation is not correct, if archive fumigation uses a hood
  7. incomplete closure of the archive fumigation room
  8. bad turnaround
  9. volume calculation does not fit
  10. volume measurement does not fit
  11. measurement of fumigant concentration does not fit
  12. the amount of fumigant used is not right.

Bali Fumigation Costs

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Bali Fumigation Costs

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