March 18, 2022

Bali Disinfection Service – Disinfectants are chemicals used to limit or kill microorganisms (for example, germs, viruses and fungi except for germ spores) on inanimate surfaces, such as furniture, rooms, floors, etc.

Disinfectants are not used on the skin or mucous membranes, because of the risk of stimulating the skin and potentially stimulating cancer. This is different from antiseptics which are intended for disinfection of skin surfaces and mucous membranes.

Various recommended disinfectant products, such as sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium such as laundry soap, 70% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Pay attention to the instructions for use on the label so that the product can be used efficiently and comfortably. It needs to be observed, the concentration of disinfectant used and the contact time between the object and the disinfectant (between 1 to 10 minutes depending on the type of disinfectant). Things that need to be considered are the use of gloves and ensure good ventilation to reduce exposure when using disinfectants

How to kill the Covid-19 virus?

As we concluded above, the Covid-19 virus is known to have a viral chamber structure composed of lipoproteins that wrap RNA on the inside. In order for this virus to die, it requires materials that can interfere with the envelope and the material inside. These envelopes cannot be destroyed with water alone, so they need other ingredients, namely alcohol or surfactants (which many people understand as soap) according to WHO recommendations.

What are the consequences of spraying disinfectants on areas or people?

Some of the compounds above are intended for disinfectants, meaning that they are applied to the surface of inanimate objects to reduce the amount of viral contaminants or microorganisms attached.

Then can it be applied like the activity of spraying disinfectants directly to humans (directly or through the disinfection wall) or in the area?

Certainly not good and and its efficacy is still in doubt. The risks that humans receive as targets that are sprayed are very large, such as the side effects that occur on the skin, eyes and respiration, because the amount of exposure is not controlled. In addition, the dangers after that day must also be considered

Bali Disinfection Service

Don’t forget that after finishing isoman you must sterilize your room or house by disinfecting your room or house thoroughly so that families who are not infected by covid-19 are not infected by exposure to viruses that are still in the room used for isoman.

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