April 27, 2021

Bali Disinfectant Spraying Indonesia – After being closed, for about 8 months due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, currently approaching the end of the year cinema holidays in the Kuta area, Badung is again open for universal use. Throughout its operation, the cinema management practices strict health protocols, most importantly the provision of keeping the viewers’ distance when screening the film.

Now that the cinema is reopening in the Kuta Badung area, Bali, the manager has paid attention to all aspects of very strict health protocol standards. Starting from the obligation to use masks, checking body temperature, washing hands with hand sanitizers and asking tourists to fill in their own information.

On the other hand, Gajah Mada Cinema Tegal is still thinking about coinciding with the operation. The films shown this week are Asih 2, Tenet, and The Widow.

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Where Can Disinfectants Be Used?

Before the theater was opened, the officers sterilized the theather sofa with disinfectant liquid and each sofa had been prescribed with conditions of maintaining distance. When they penetrated the theater door, there were no more officers tearing up tickets. Instead, tourists put themselves in the space provided.

The theater still looks quiet, it is observed that only 50% of the theater room capacity is allowed. However, tourists say they are happy to be back at the cinema and do not mind exploring the strict health protocols from the data that Bali Disinfectant Spraying has.

Some viewers, including Alit, Jesica and Irwan, admitted that they were very excited to be able to carry out watching activities with their friends by always exploring health protocols. They also admit that they are tired of leading a life that is completely restricted since the pandemic broke out in Bali in March 2020.

The reopening of cinemas has become an alternative entertainment during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as year-end domestic tourist holidays in Bali. Until now, the Covid-19 problem in Bali and in other countries has not ended. So that in the new post-Covid-19 routine, residents are asked to always protect the health of themselves and others by wearing masks, washing their hands in clean water with soap and protecting a comfortable distance.

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