May 8, 2021

Bali Pest Control Services – Control of Plant Pest Organisms as an effort by the Ministry of Agriculture to secure the creation of food plants. Collaborating with the Department of Agriculture at both the provincial and district levels, the socialization of the implementation of the principle of Integrated Pest Management is constantly being tried, or it is often called IPM. Farmers have practiced many of the 4 main principles, namely the cultivation of healthy plants, the use of natural enemies, regular observation or monitoring, and farmers as IPM experts.

The Head of Sub-Directorate for Control, there are OPT Control Officers (POPT) who are active in assisting farmers. But in practice, we also urge that farmers can function actively to carry out regular observations on their agricultural land whenever it creates a pest invasion. If there is an attack, please directly communicate with local field officers, both POPTs and also extension workers so that they can be quickly assisted in controlling steps.

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In a separate location, the Head of the Food Plants and Horticulture Service has increased the existence of an active position for farmers to carry out regular pest monitoring in their respective agricultural lands. We hope that it can change the mindset from implementing scheduled pesticide spraying to the IPM implementation mindset by making the use of pesticides an option.

described his experience with farmers who are adrift of the implementation of IPM in their area.

Of the many, one of them prefers to carry out a scheduled pesticide spraying on their land because it promises optimal results, while in the long run it can disturb their own land and lead to shrinkage of production.

With a constant business of implementing a personal approach with farmers, there are still many farmers who want to be actively involved in practicing IPM on their land. Many farmers have started to function actively in carrying out pest observations in their respective fields.

Responding to this matter, the Director General of Food Plants wants all levels of the Ministry of Agriculture from central to regional to continue to work together with farmers to optimally secure food creation from pest invasion. live control measures by using methods that are comfortable, smart, efficient,

Bali Pest Control Services

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Bali Pest Control Services

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