April 14, 2022

Anti Termite Spray Bali – Everyone wants their house to always be nice, strong, and neat. However, if there are termites, you should be prepared to look for an anti-termite injection method. Why? Termites are pests that are quite annoying and can cause a lot of dirty house and make building wood porous because they are eaten every day for a certain period of time. The distribution is also quite fast and wide because they live in colonies. So from that, if you currently have termites in your home, take immediate action without thinking twice.

Criteria For Buildings Favored By Termites

Before we discuss how to deal with and kill termites, we first identify what kind of buildings termites really like:

-Wrong choice of wood
-Use of wood fertilizer for plants
-The pile of wood is left alone
-House sanitation is not good and damp

The Working Method And the termite injection system

As written above, damage to buildings caused by termites can occur since the building was made. Starting from the selection of wrong materials and inadequate treatment when making construction.

Until then, the working method of the termite injection system is divided into 3 major types

1. Pre construction
2. Post construction
3. Continuous care

Create an unformed building. Injection around the foundation is useful to avoid termites rising from the foundation. The termite-proof guarantee for buildings that have not been built is 5 years.

Intended to create a barrier structure so that termite colonies at the bottom of the soil cannot enter the building through the foundation/floor.

The Stages of Implementation Are As Follows

Spraying is carried out into the excavation of the foundation and foundation chambers as much as + 5 liters / m2.

spraying the soil after the foundation is installed gradually until all foundations are covered by backfill.

Soil Treatment
Intended to protect all floors of the building from the possibility of termites rising up later in the day.

Anti Termite Spray Bali

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