July 1, 2022

Anti Flies Ubud – Fruit flies are one of the pests that cause harm to humans, especially farmers. This insect prefers to attack plants, so it will threaten the hygiene of the plant

Danger of Fruit Flies

Another name for the artificial fly is Drosophila Melanogaster, this small insect often attacks various kinds of plants and vegetables. This will be very disturbing because the impact caused will make plants rot quickly and cause a decrease in quality for plants because plants that have been infested by fruit flies will become nests for eggs so that the produce of fruit or vegetables cannot be harvested. Fruit flies will be active when there is sunlight, usually they attack during the day around 11.00 to 13.00.

This nuisance pest will become more aggressive in the rainy season because fruit flies like moist places to mate. Fruit flies choose the rainy season to be the breeding season for them. Fruit flies cannot provide food directly to their offspring, they will lay their eggs on various kinds of fruit plants, so when the eggs hatch there is already immediate food. Fruit fly mating needs to be stopped as soon as possible to prevent it from multiplying.

Handling Fruit Flies

Ways to control fruit fly pests need to be considered, so that fruit plants are not contaminated by chemicals that can be harmful to the human body, especially in the use of pesticides. For plantation managers in large numbers such as farmers, the use of synthetic insecticides has become a dependency. However, this use needs to be addressed immediately because it is not friendly to the environment. The need for environmentally friendly pest control needs to be carried out so that it is effective, efficient and easy to implement for farmers and plant owners to avoid fruit fly disturbances.

Flies Repellent Ubud

Umas Pest Control understands that if you don’t do it properly, it will be detrimental. We are certified in dealing with pest control problems, especially flies. There are various treatment methods that will suit your fly problem. More than 10 years of experience has made Umas Pest Control trusted by various large clients to control pest problems.


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