December 28, 2021

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Bali – A charming mosquito named Sabethes cyaneus is found in the tropical forests of Central America and South America. This mosquito is a type of tropical mosquito that is difficult to catch.

Sabethes is famous for its shimmering blue color and oar-like fur built by elongated scales, and located on the tibia of each midfoot. The two hind legs that bend over the body while eating are also impressive and make it look more majestic. Admiring its beauty is an advantage, because these mosquitoes are very agile and difficult to photograph properly.

That is, you must always remain silent when trying to take pictures, and also be prepared to escape mosquitoes when using the flash. Luckily, you don’t have time to be alone with a mosquito, as there are usually dozens of mosquitoes hovering above your head.

Popular Mosquitoes With Complicated Mating Rituals

One of the characteristics of this mosquito lies in the comfortable midfoot of the mosquito, scientists have not yet identified its purpose. The middle leg is believed to be at work in an elaborate mosquito mating ritual.

However, experiments have shown that when the paddle is removed from the male’s leg, they successfully mate. attention, they look good. As many as 3,300 species of mosquitoes are known in the world, only female mosquitoes like blood, it’s just that they do it when they want to make eggs.

They eat nectar. Every time they eat, the hind legs bend forward, not as a pose, but their sensory legs recognize and allow insects to apply themselves when there is danger.

Despite its undeniable beauty, keep in mind that sabethes still has mosquitoes, therefore vectors of tropical diseases such as fever and dengue fever.

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Bali Solution

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